Fact or Faked Paranormal Files5 Historic - and Spooky - Hoaxes

5 Historic - and Spooky - Hoaxes

The Blair Witch Project

The Set-Up: In 1999, a film was released which purported to document three college students as they searched for answers to the centuries-old mystery of Elly Kedward, a Maryland woman supposed to be a witch. The film's promotional materials supported an extensive history of Kedward, including her earliest days in the 1700s, through her possession of children and adult minions through to the 1940s.

The Facts: Though filmmakers may not have intended to suggest that the events in the film were real, word of mouth and the film's detailed back story combined with the utter terror portrayed on screen to create the widespread public belief that the events of the film were real.

The Verdict: "The Blair Witch Project" is credited with writers and directors, and extensive fundraising and production history details can be found online. Despite popular sentiment that may suggest otherwise, this film is entirely fictional.

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