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The Real Battle of L.A./Queen Mary Menace
Season 2 - Episode 201
The Real Battle of L.A./Queen Mary Menace
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In the situation room, everyone welcomes back Devin, core team member and tech expert. After reviewing the week's finds, Devin goes with Ben and Jael to attempt to unearth the truth behind a famous photo taken by an LA Times photographer in 1942, just after the Pearl Harbor attack and five years before the Roswell incident, of an object flying through the night sky.

They start by testing the theory that the eight searchlights seen in the photo combined to form an optical illusion resembling a flying disc, and when that doesn't produce solid results, they add smoke and flack, two elements present on the original night. Although it's better, the beams of light still continue into infinity rather than coalescing around a single point. This leaves the possibility of the Air Force's official explanation of a weather balloon being mistaken for enemy aircraft, so they raise their own balloon, and voila! A much more convincing image appears.

Now, the question is how, with the Air Force firing over 1000 rounds at a weather balloon, was it able to stay aloft so long? Ben mounts a rig holding a period-accurate machine gun - a truly bad-ass piece - that elevates up to an angle similar to the aircraft and the original balloon. He fires several rounds at the poor object and it goes down. Devin measures the time it takes to drop to the ground, and it's fast - way too fast to fit with the official story. They have to mark this case still open.

Chi-Lan, Bill and Austin, meanwhile, investigate the Queen Mary Ghost in Long Beach, where the famous ship has been moored since the '60s. They speak with Pat Wheelock, a Queen Mary paranormal expert, who gives them a tour and tells them of the daily reports of giggles heard and shadows seen by the pool. He also walks them past the spot thought by many to be an energy vortex, a kind of portal.

Next, they interview Ryan, the man who caught an image of a white suited man walking through the halls. Using his camera, they set up an experiment to project a video recording of a white-clad Austin against a thick wall of fog. The reproduction is eerily accurate, but considering all the reports of paranormal activity, they feel it's critical that they investigate some of the claims. Back at the situation room, Bill shares an audio clip from his EVP session, and everyone agrees that it sounds exactly like a little girl giggling. Though the video is most likely a hoax, the paranormal activity aboard the Queen Mary continues to be intriguing.

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