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Thermal Theater Ghost/Fire in the Sky
Season 2 - Episode 202
Thermal Theater Ghost/Fire in the Sky
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One of the hottest cases this week comes from Jacksonville, Florida, from the historic Florida Theatre. Bill, Austin and Chi-Lan head to this reported hotbed of paranormal activity to get to the bottom of an amazing video: A local expert, Steve Christian, was conducting a paranormal investigation in the theater when he caught, on camera, a figure seated in the balcony - waving.

The crew's first plan of action, given the distance from the camera to the balcony, is to see if it could have just been a person, blurry and out of focus, so they send Austin upstairs and test their theory. Although the image is ghostly, it's not ghostly enough to pass muster. Their next thought is that someone may have been hoaxing Steve, so they build a plexiglass human form and rig it to wave at the right moment. The effect is once again eerie, but the light spill from the light box it's rigged to gives the hoax away. They have no choice but to set up a paranormal investigation of their own.

Everyone grabs the appropriate equipment and splits up to cover more ground. Soon, Bill hears something approaching his station and radios Chi-Lan to see if any detectable phenomenon may be responsible for the sound. She reports that nothing's stirring, but soon everyone's attention is pulled by reports from Austin. He's picking up a clear heat signature with his IR camera. When Chi-Lan moves in to investigate, it disappears! Austin finds it again, and when Bill moves closer, it flies again. Austin gets the idea to film the balcony and there, right where Steve's original image was captured, is a bright red heat signature. They take this back to the situation room with a sense of eerie triumph.

Ben, Devin and Jael, meanwhile, have also been down south, searching for the truth behind a reported UFO sighting. What's special about this one is that there's video of a flare descending toward Earth, splitting into three lights, and then hovering for a period.

Devin knows that illuminated balloons have often been mistaken for UFOs, so the team tries rigging three balloons together and coordinating their split. But it goes all wrong! The movement is erratic and the glow looks nothing like the trails of light in the original video. Next, they configure three flares to ignite and split with the same timing as seen in the video, but the hovering motion is not a match. That can only mean one thing: It's time to bring in the big guns. They mastermind an experiment in which three skydivers, with flares strapped to their ankles, will perform the dive together, then split and hover at the appointed time.

Ben brings the results - a perfect match - back to the situation room, where everyone is wowed. As further confirmation, he tells the group that, after the experiment, he did some research. Turns out a military skydiving team was in the air on the night of the original video, performing - you guessed it - that very maneuver.

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