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Playground Poltergeist/Alien Intruder
Season 2 - Episode 204
Playground Poltergeist/Alien Intruder
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To get the truth, sometimes you have to travel halfway around the world. That's why this week, Jael, Austin and Bill fly to the small town of Firmat, Argentina to uncover the explanation of a swing that, for four years, has appeared to be moving on its own.

Their first move is to rule out the simplest explanation: That the swing is being moved via monofilament string by someone in hiding. They record this experiment and, although the movement is the same, the filament is often visible. What if, they wonder, it's simply a matter of the way the swing set is constructed? They find the materials to build an entirely new set, identical down to the last angle and centimeter, then set the middle swing in motion. In a side-by-side test, both swings move well, but the duplicate slows as the original seems to gain speed.

The trio is perplexed and a little unnerved, but they won't be deterred. There's still the chance that some meteorological aspects are combining to produce this bizarre phenomenon. They wrap a dome over the set to seal it off from air flow, then bring in a giant fan to simulate the outside conditions. As they're retooling the angle, Jael notices how much wider the middle swing is than the other swings. Through careful deduction, they're able to replicate the movement of the swing in their controlled environment and close the case.

Ben, Chi-Lan and Devin, meanwhile, have been speaking with a Florida man, David Eckhart, and his wife, Jean, about their frequent experiences with unknowable forces. The couple say they've been visited by aliens for years, citing loss of time and mass migrations of worms in their driveway. They have two videos to back up their claims, and Ben and his team intend to discover their authenticity.

To recreate the first video, where an alien appears to be peeking around a doorway into the Eckharts' bedroom, Devin rigs a simple artist's mannequin to some plexiglass. The result is spot on, but they still want to dig deeper. Can they recreate the moving image of a being floating above the bed? They try to do so by arranging a coat on a coat rack and shining various lights to create shadowplay that mimics a levitating alien. The shape is right but the movement is wrong, so they try again with a puppet suspended by wire. They're able to get the look they were going for, but David is such a credible witness that they wonder why on Earth he would create a hoax. They decide it must be because he's tired of people not believing him when he tells the truth, so the team sets up a nighttime stakeout to see what entities could be plaguing the Florida family.

Devin situates himself in a tree to keep an eye on the roof while Chi-Lan sets up in a closet guarded by a two way mirror. When Chi-Lan's reception cuts out, Devin hops down to investigate, and finds masses of worms escaping from the ground. They decide that, while the videos may have been fabricated, some force is definitely at work on this home that would drive the Eckharts to reach out the way they did.

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