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Daschcam Chupacabra/Nightly News Alien
Season 2 - Episode 205
Daschcam Chupacabra/Nightly News Alien
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This week, Ben, Chi-Lan and Devin head to Texas on a hunt for the blood-sucking cryptid known as the chupacabra. The local sherrif saw a strange, unidentifiable animal running down a country road, and murmurs of the chupacabra swelled up around the video she shot from her vehicle. They run a few tests using various animals, hoping to discover if this issue is just a case of mistaken identity, but the miniature horse doesn't match the description and has the wrong gait, and the hairless Peruvian dog - even after they put a muzzle on its snout - simply doesn't have the appearance of the creature in the video.

They  then speak to a local rancher, Phylis Canion, who has seen these mysterious animals on her property and even found the carcass of one, which she had stuffed and mounted. She froze the meat of the beast, and the investigative team has sent a sample of the tissue away for testing. While they're waiting for the results, they do a nighttime hunt for the bloodsucker with all the technology they can wrangle, but all they find are some cows - not too surprising for a ranch. Fortunately, they have some hard evidence to present back in the situation room: The sample came back as a combination of a grey Mexican wolf and a coyote - looks like hybrids like that are the most likely explanation for the chupacabra sightings in DeWitt County, Texas.

Jael, Austin and Bill, meanwhile, are looking into what seems to be an alien walking plainly through a shot from a local news segment in Patagonia, Argentina, where UFO and alien sightings are frequent. Their first thought is that this figure, which looks to be walking down a hill behind a woman being interviewed, is simply a wind sock caught on one of the nearby power lines, so they head to the site of the original video and set up their first experiment. Unfortunately, the video they capture looks nothing like the original.

Considering all of the construction equipment nearby, it's possible that some debris from a construction site might be the culprit. They rig a construction strap to a crane, and though the body looks convincing, the movement is nowhere near what it needs to be. As they're watching their video and the original side by side, however, Jael notices that the shadows on the woman's face and the shadow cast by the alien don't match: one goes to the right, while the other goes to the left. They decide to interview the editor of the news segment, Lionel Fernandez.

After confirming that he is, indeed, the editor of the video, they ask him point blank if it's a hoax. Under the spotlight, he folds and tells them that yes, it is - he did it to drum up attention for the town's upcoming anniversary. He shows them how he did it, and the four of them create a reproduction of the video - simple computer graphics!

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