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UFO Crash Landing/Graveyard Ghost
Season 2 - Episode 207
UFO Crash Landing/Graveyard Ghost
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The two cases that pique the team's interest regard a possible ET craft sighting and a video that captures what appears to be the image of a ghost in a graveyard. To try to recreate the UFO video, Ben, Jael and Devin head to a missile range near White Sands, New Mexico - mere miles from the infamous UFO hotspot Roswell - where the original video was taken. They speak to James Fox, a UFO researcher, to get his take on the video, then head to Mojave, CA to do their experiments - the actual missile range test facility is no place to be mucking about!

Given that the video was taken at a test site, they look for the most obvious explanation: That this was actually a test for a rocket motor, gone wrong. Using a steady guide rail system, they launch an I-Class rocket motor from a launch tube, but it goes spiraling away in a path nothing like the object in the video. Jael suggests that the video could've been a hoax, which launches the team into building a complex system of wires, pneumatic devices and pyrotechnics that should replicate the path and explosion of the object in the original video.

Their attempt is pretty solid, but there's a moment in the original where the object hits the ground and rebounds. Their own object has way too much bounce to make a convincing facsimile. But, if they were to launch an actual rocket, they may just get a match.

The rocket, powered with a much larger J-Class motor, does the trick! It has the right luminosity, weight and path. Sadly, it doesn't explode at the end of its journey, but the team account for that disparity with the original by noting that their rocket had a very sturdy bulkhead that didn't allow for fuel leakage, hence no explosion.

Back at Mission Control, Bill, Lanisha and Austin fill in the others on their discoveries at Tonopah Cemetery in Nevada, the burial site of many miners who were killed in a mining disaster in 1911. A local man on a paranormal investigation of the cemetery says he saw a figure walking through the graveyard and reached for his full-spectrum camera to record what looks like a glowing human figure walking amongst the tombstones, then disappearing.

Austin dons a headlamp and mimics the movement of the figure while Bill and Lanisha record him with the camera that was used for the original footage, but the result is an image that is much too bright to be a match. While comparing footage, however, they notice that the lights from the highway grow brighter and dim in accord with the spectral image. Could the explanation for this "ghost" be as simple as a lens flare creating an aberration in the recording?

Austin's resourcefulness and charisma help him enlist the help of the local fire department, and the force of their flashing lights creates a corona emanating from the highway nearly as bright as day. The similarities between the original and the reproduced video are impossible to deny, and it seems logical to conclude that what the paranormal investigator caught can be explained by normal phenomena.

The paranormal activity at this site cannot be denied, however, and so the trio decides to conduct their own investigation.  Midway through their work, nearly all of their equipment fails at the same time! An examination of an EVP recording reveals what sounds like a response to a direct question. Though they've found a scientific explanation for the video, they can't deny that other forces could be working in Tonopah Cemetery.

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