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Whaley Ghost House/Muck Monster
Season 2 - Episode 206
Whaley Ghost House/Muck Monster
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We have a classic ghost story this week: The Whaley House in San Diego is the subject of hundreds if not thousands of photos depicting ghostly images. Chi-Lan, Austin and Bill head there to see if they can duplicate and debunk a few of the more famous ones.

After knocking their first test shoot out of the park - they prove that an eerie shape on the wall could've been caused by sunlight refracting through an old oil lamp - they speak with the local photographer of the second, Terry West, a paranormal enthusiast who may have caught an image of the ghost of Mr. Whaley. Their first thought is that the image is just Terry's reflection in a window, but when they run that test, the flash blows away any reflection. Bill suggests that someone in another room might have been walking by when Terry snapped the photo, but Austin's skin looks very different from the image in the original. Based on their inconclusive results, they decide they must do a nighttime paranormal investigation.

They split up to cover more territory, with Bill setting up for an EVP session in an attempt to contact the first ghost known to the space. He scores an amazing catch of what sounds like a gavel, so they have to keep the case open, at least for now.

In Jupiter, FL, Ben, Jael and Devin are bringing a scientific eye to the reports of a Nessie-like creature seen in the local waterways, and investigating one video in particular of what looks like a whale with a mysterious, pronged fin. They deduce that a raft or some other natural or man-made debris could have amassed to look like the finned creature, so they rig a raft to move, puppet-like, in the manner seen in a video shot by a local couple. Unfortunately, it just doesn't move as though it's alive. They move on to a more sophisticated representation of a sea monster, but again, can't get the movement right. They then reconsider the option that it could have been one of the sea lions or manatees that live in those waters.

They go to the Seaquarium in Miami and speak to a marine biologist about what it could be. She offers the suggestion that it's a group of manatees in a mating dance, and after the team films some of the manatees in the aquarium, they discover that many of them have injured fins from run-ins with propellers on boats. This seems like a clear explanation for the strange masses and fins, in natural movement, seen in the original video. They can officially call the case closed.

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