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Area 51/Cajun Apparition
Season 2 - Episode 208
Area 51/Cajun Apparition
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The compelling cases for this week are a video of a ghostly shape taken at a plantation in Louisiana, and a UFO sighting near Area 51. Larry, whose home state is Louisiana, heads down south with Devin and Lanisha to check out the paranormal claims.

Their first experiment is to chill the camera and then record a clip in the warm night air, hoping that condensation on the camera lens will replicate the ghostly fog captured on the original video. But, instead of yielding a clear shape as in the original, the entire image is clouded over.

They wonder what might happen if they create their own cloud vortex by using a fog machine and some fans, but the movement of the leaves in the trees in their experiment video is a dead giveaway that this is not what happened. What if it's just light shining on fog? They crank up the fog machine again and shine a flashlight on it, but since they can clearly see the beam of the flashlight, they try using only the IR light built into the camera. This gives them an accurate recreation of the video they were investigating.

Still, the plantation in question has over 300 years of paranormal activity claims, so they feel the responsible thing to do would be to conduct a nighttime investigation. Lanisha captures an eerie photo of what looks to be a child's face refracted through a mirror, and the others have some odd experiences with their equipment.

In Rachel, Nevada, meanwhile, Ben, Jael and Austin are gathering evidence and information while trying not to attract too much attention from the plentiful government surveillance units. On the advice of an Area 51 expert, they find an experiment site far enough away that they won't be molested.

For starters, they use a CCTV-like set-up to film a military helikite. Although Jael manages to match the movement of the original video, the shape of the objects is different, and you can see the tether line in the experiment video. Their next attempt is to film a sling load, a means of military transportation, but it's soon apparent that this is not what was on the original video.

Ben feels this warrants a full, nighttime skywatch. Austin and Jael head to a location 15 miles from Area 51 while Ben goes solo at a site 26 miles away, featuring a much better vantage point of the infamous base.

In the dark of night, Ben sees the entirety of Area 51 light up - "It's like a whole city," he notes. He observes a vehicle driving on the road near Austin and Jael, and sees its headlights shut off - they are being watched.

Before long, all the lights on the taxiway light up. The three investigators see a brilliant flash of light in the sky, almost like a shooting star, but too bright - then, the taxiway lights shut off abruptly. A cosmological explanation is possible, but the coincidence of the lights coming on and shutting off in a parenthetical relationship to the flash of light seems more than coincidence. The team reports back to Mission Control that they believe the government is hiding something. What that something is, they may never know.

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