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Asylum Apparition/Mystery Over Mexico
Season 2 - Episode 210
Asylum Apparition/Mystery Over Mexico
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Ben, Lanisha and Austin assemble in Louisville, KY at the defunct Waverly Hills Sanatorium, to determine the veracity of two videos, one showing a ball that appears to move of its own accord, and another depicting two shapes mysteriously appearing and disappearing at the end of a hallway.

The most obvious explanation for a ball moving without being touched is an uneven floor, so the team sets down a ball and, sure enough, it begins to roll. Using a level, they see that the floor is uneven, and when they open the windows, the ball rolls even more. However, the movement pattern is not quite the same. Time being of the essence, Ben and the others decide to test the apparition video.

Since other people were in the building at the time the video was recorded, the team postulates that the white images captured on the vintage black-and-white thermal camera could have been two living humans. Ben and Austin place themselves down the hallway while Lanisha rolls camera. The results are good, but Ben's and Austin's forms are much more solid than the flimsy shapes in the original.

It was cold on the night of the original investigation, so it's possible that someone brought space heaters, and the images in the original video are of heat waves thus produced. Although their set-up is good, the heat waves produced aren't quite big enough. This, coupled with the consistent claims of paranormal activity on the site, prompts the FOF team to conduct a nighttime investigation.

In Room 502, where a nurse is said to have hung herself years ago and the ghost of a boy is said to be pushing the ball, Lanisha sets up a recorder and begins asking questions. Almost immediately, the experiment ball starts moving. She leaves the room, and the ball appears to follow her. Meanwhile, Ben is using a flashlight to communicate with spirits in the sanatorium's body chute (the place where the scores of dead bodies were spirited out of sight). Both investigators get strange EMF readings, and Lanisha may have recorded a groan in her interview with the ghost.

Based on the multiple strange experiences and inconclusive tests, the team has to rule that some phenomena at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium continue to be unexplained.


Miguel Aguila, a resident of Guadalajara, Mexico, recorded a video of what some say are hundreds of UFOs gathering around a mother ship - in broad daylight.

Bird racing is popular in this area, so Jael, Bill and Devin release over 200 trained birds into the Mexico sky. Though it's a stunning sight, it's plainly no match to the original.

After shielding a swimming pool from wind, the team sets up fog machines to simulate clouds and dumps hundreds of ping pong balls into the water, postulating that the blue in the video was not the sky, but rather the blue of a pool. Although the shapes and the movement of the balls is accurate, the ripples of the water are plain to see.

Another popular practice in this area is the release of balloons to celebrate a special occasion. The trio fill 250 biodegradable balloons with helium, and when they loose them into the sky, the image is an exact match, not a pixel out of place! They've found their explanation.

The final experiment clearly shows that the shapes in the sky were wandering balloons.

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