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Unwanted Visitors/Strange Sightings
Season 1 - Episode 102
Unwanted Visitors/Strange Sightings
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One of this week's highlights is a case from Fresno, CA, where a man caught video of unidentified bipedal creatures in his front yard. Bill, Jael and Larry head to Fresno to interview the homeowner, Jose, who heard his dogs barking one night, rushed out with his video camera, and captured footage of mysterious figures ambling near his house. Jose allows the team full access to experiment, and thanks them for their time. The team attempts to recreate the image with three experiments: A child in a costume, a hand-held puppet held by Larry (with his image digitally removed from the final video), and a doll on a pully, but none of these look remotely like Jose's footage.

They move to a nearby wooded area, surrounding it with cameras, to see if there are any animals there that resemble what Jose caught on his video. Immediately, their equipment starts going haywire, switching on and off, cameras getting knocked over - and they have no idea why. Bill whips out the thermal camera and follows a strange noise. They catch an eerie image on the thermal, but it's gone as quickly as it appeared. Thoroughly spooked, they pack up their gear for analysis. At headquarters, the unique video, strange personal experiences, and credible witness in Jose all point to the case of the Nightcrawlers being Unexplainable.

Next, Austin presents a video of a UFO sighting in Lake Havasu, Arizona, one of the most active spots for UFO sightings. Ben, Chi-Lan and Austin team up and meet with Mark Preston, the man who shot the video at his home. They borrow his camera and set up an experiment. Holding a flying saucer-shaped object over a pane of glass, they shine light on the object to see if they can catch its reflection on video, but have no success. Next, Austin and Chi-Lan head to the nearby Lake Havasu State Park to launch a saucer-shaped balloon. Ben catches video footage of it from the Prestons' house, and the images are nearly identical. But what solidifies their case is a conversation between Ben and one of the park rangers, where he says that on the day in question - July 4, 2009 - he stepped out of his office to see a UFO-shaped balloon floating above a nearby parking lot. With that definitive testimony, the case of the Havasu UFO is officially closed.

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