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Blazing Horizon/Rollover
Season 1 - Episode 105
Blazing Horizon/Rollover
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After taking a look at this week's cases, the team decide to investigate a phenomenon called the Paulding Lights in Paulding, MI, a mysterious glow that people say is cast by the lantern of a ghost of a railroad brakeman.

They meet with Ted and Michelle Strong, who own a gift shop centered around the phenomenon. The Strongs take the investigators to the vantage point, where the Fact or Faked team get to work. They see the light from afar, and Jael and Austin pursue the source while Bill hangs at base camp, but Jael and Austin lose sight of it, while Bill still has a clear view from afar. They find no significant environmental anomalies, and begin their experiments.

Austin's test flight in a small plane doesn't produce the effect that they had seen in the original footage, and the possibility that the lights are actually headlights is a dead end, too. After conducting an EVP session, they finally decide that the phenomenon is unexplainable.

In Texas, Ben, Chi-Lan and Larry get to the bottom of a legend wherein the ghosts of children safeguard passing cars from being hit by a train. According to the legend, these children, killed themselves by a freight train, push cars up a hill and over train tracks to safety, leaving their fingerprints on the trunk of the car. One man, Capone de Leon, has a video that the team decides to test for veracity. Using his car, they clean the trunk of the car, put it in neutral, take the keys out - and begin rolling uphill! As they reach the crest of the hill, a train approaches. Larry hits the brake in time, but they are forced to recommence the experiment. Once again, they begin moving, and clear the train tracks. When dusting for fingerprints, however, they find no marks on the trunk of his car.

They test the legend further by seeing if the same effect will be achieved with a school bus, and once again, the vehicle rolls, in neutral, uphill and over the tracks. After running tests to see if a magnetic field might be pulling the vehicles along and finding nothing anomalous, they conduct a geographical survey of the area, and make a surprising discovery. The appearance of the tracks being uphill is an optical illusion - cars are, in fact, rolling downhill. With that scientific discovery, the team closes the case as an entirely natural phenomenon.

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