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The Caretaker/Cutter
Season 1 - Episode 106
The Caretaker/Cutter
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For their first find, the team heads to Fishers, Indiana, to speak to Carolyn, a resident who, investigating paranormal activity in her home, caught a ghostly figure on video. Austin, Ben and Jael find out that there was a graveyard near the house with all the activity where a Civil War soldier, named James Payne, was buried.

Their experiments of driving an ATV past a camera on a tripod and creating a man-made dust devil are unconvincing, and their creation of a cinematic wall of mist is intriguing, but still doesn't look like Carolyn's footage. They move on to the next level by searching for actual paranormal activity in the woods. They set up infrared cameras, and immediately start having technical issues and the feeling that someone's watching them. A series of unexplainably moving leaves leads them to the grave of James Payne, inspiring them to set up an EVP session at the grave.

Their next stop is San Luis Valley in Colorado, a place that has experienced bizarre cattle mutilations. Larry, Chi-Lan, and Bill meet with Mr. Sanchez, a local cattle farmer, who shows them where the cow carcasses had been picked nearly clean of any internal organs, with no blood trails nearby. Mr. Sanchez notes that he saw some slow moving lights moving across the sky around the same time he found the mutilated calf. They search for EMF and radiation fluctuations, as well as any cattle remains. Bill finds a cow bone, leading them to believe that the cow may have fallen prey to natural bloating that caused the carcass to explode, causing almost surgical incisions. But to be sure, they contact a veterinarian to see if it would be possible for a human to create that effect on the calf. They determine that it is possible, but highly unlikely. Therefore, they search for a paranormal cause, and bring their findings back to headquarters.

Everyone discusses the experiments and paranormal experiences of the week, and have a new enthusiasm for their next investigations.

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