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Symphonic Spirits/Hovering Humanoid
Season 1 - Episode 108
Symphonic Spirits/Hovering Humanoid
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Bill, Chi-Lan and Larry head to Victor, New York, to the Valentown Museum - a Civil War museum that everyone believes to be haunted. A security guard has caught an image of what he believes to be a full-body apparition on the security footage. The team is in luck - the night they visit, an electrical storm is headed for the museum, a natural phenomenon that seems to kick up the paranormal activity at the location.

They start with an IR camera to see if the image might just be a living person walking in the background, but out of focus - but the result is entirely disappointing. Next, they try using a reflective image with plexiglass and a hand-held light source. The image is certainly ghostly, but doesn't look like the original footage. Their next course of action is a projection test - they film Larry walking, then project that film across the trajectory traced by the alleged ghost. Once again, the result is creepy, but not a match to the original. As they are about to move on to their next experiment, they hear the dissonant sound of a piano playing out of tune. This bizarre occurrence spurs them to launch a more detailed investigation of the site, and they head off in separate directions in search of hard evidence. Remembering what the guide said about electrical storms firing up paranormal activity, Bill fires up the museum's lightning machine - and immediately, Chi-Lan hears inhuman groans and Larry discovers that the adjacent room is ice cold. They have no choice but to conclude that something paranormal is afoot.

The next investigation takes place in McKinney, Texas, and attempts to recreate a video of a flying humanoid. They start by speaking to a man who has built a jet pack - a one-man flying machine - who lets them use his device, and also tells them that there are a couple of jet pack enthusiasts in Monterrey, Mexico, where the video was originally shot. Their first video replication, a continuous shot of a pilot in a jet pack - looks authentic, but the fact that the jet pack has only 30 seconds of flight time knocks it out of the running.

Next, they try Austin on a zipline. Again, the image looks good, but the shape of his body is very different from the figure in the original video. They try a radically different hypothesis: What if the figure is not a person, but a piece of debris being carried by the wind? The idea is good, but the result is out of control. Moving to a simpler theory, they rig a remote control helicopter to the "debris" they've created - still, it moves too fast. They take their work from the field to the lab: making a composite video of the landscape and the "debris," Ben and his team manage to make a video that looks exactly like the original, and can safely say that the case is closed.

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