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Sasquatch Sprint/Alien Attacker
Season 1 - Episode 109
Sasquatch Sprint/Alien Attacker
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The team has wanted to investigate a bigfoot sighting for ages, so Chi-Lan, Austin and Bill head to Oroville, Chopaka Lake in Washington state to follow up on a video taken in 1996 of a large, furry bipedal figure galloping across a hillside. After interviewing the eyewitnesses, the threesome attempts to replicate the video by dressing Austin in a bigfoot costume and having him run the same trail - the results are a perfect match. Given the credible witness reports, however, they decide to investigate further, and set up a night vigil and in moments, Bill, poised in a helicopter, detects a heat signature high in the hills. Austin and Chi-Lan try to get a close look, but the beasts are too fast for them. Soon, the signal is lost, and the duo on the ground change their tack by looking for suspicious prints. Although they find a mysterious footprint, a zoologist tells them it's not Bigfoot - this time.

The investigation with Ben, Jael and Larry, however, went differently: They investigated a claim from Snoqualmie Pass, Washington, of a man who claims to have had a face-to-face interaction with an alien. According to the witness, Dr. Jonathan Reed, he followed whimpering sounds of his dog to find a strange being ripping the dog's head open by pulling its jaws apart, thus turning it to ash while a dark obelisk floated behind them, some hundred yards away. He struck the extraterrestrial on the head and decided that the only thing to do was to take the creature back to his home. A few weeks later, however, he came home to find vans in front of his house, and the creature gone.

The three investigators start by building objects that could double for the anomalies found in Reed's video: A dark obelisk and an alien figure. When they video-record the props, they get an exact match to Reed's video. Their next step is to see if they can replicate the blinking eyes that Reed later recorded. With some special effects wizardry from Larry, their results are again a convincing replication. With this convincing evidence, Ben has a few questions for Reed. He interviews the doctor, and tells him that he has uncovered a lie. They then analyze Reed's voice for stress that may prove he's lying, and find exactly what they expected to find: the man was lying, and the entire enterprise was a hoax.

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