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Lunar Landing Hoax/Tropical Intruder
Season 1 - Episode 111
Lunar Landing Hoax/Tropical Intruder
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This week, the team decides to take on the mother of all questioned videos: The Moon landing. Ben, Austin and Chi-Lan head to a soundstage and outfit it to look like the surface of the Moon, and Austin gets suited and ready to play astronaut. They start by replicating the hammer/feather test - causing a feather and a hammer to fall at the same rate, as happens in the vacuum of space. This is a piece of cake, so they attempt to recreate the footage of the astronaut jumping up and floating down, but the springs on Austin's boots only serve to jar his movement. After rigging Austin to some theatrical fly wire, however, he's able to pull of a jump that looks strikingly like the original.

Encouraged, they move on to a clip that involves some curious stumbling when one astronaut helps the other get up, and again make a convincing duplicate. When they return to the control room, however, they bring with them information from a NASA space suit expert, who tells them that the awkward stumbling was due to the spring-like tension in the pressurized suits - in order to protect the astronauts, the suits themselves are pressurized to stand up. The physical explanation of the stumbling motion, coupled with the fact that thousands of people were involved in the moon landing, leads the team to conclude that NASA did not fake the moon landing.

Larry, Bill and Jael, meanwhile, head to the UFO-sighting hotbed of Gulf Breeze, FL, to test a video of a triple-tiered UFO-looking object that sped away in a blur. They set up a zip line and secure a model to it, and although their UFO is a dead ringer, the movement is wrong. They make another one and rig it to a remote control helicopter to get vertical as well as horizontal motion. The motion is much better, but the suspension makes it unsteady. Next, they try projecting an image and mimicking motion by way of some tricky camera moves. This time, they get the results they were looking for to a tee - looks like this one was a hoax.

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