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Bayou Beast/River Ghost
Season 1 - Episode 112
Bayou Beast/River Ghost
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Larry, Chi-Lan and Ben head to Slidell, LA to investigate the legend of the Honey Island Swamp Monster, an amphibious manimal reported to have been seen for decades. Now that they have a video, they take a propeller boat upriver to see if they can replicate the image they've seen.

Their first thought is to see if a native animal, the Louisiana Black Bear, might be mistaken for the swamp creature, but they learn that the bears cannot walk on their own. Their next thought is that it could have been a hunter in camouflage, so they mark off a path, dress Ben in a Ghillie suit - a shaggy cloak that looks like moss - and set up the camera. The results are excellent, but they decide, since they're fully equipped, to check out the possibility that there could be something else out there. Though they hear some blood curdling noises, they do some research and learn that it was most likely created by wild boars. But, with all the eyewitness reports, they have to concede that the Honey Island Swamp Monster may still be out there.

In Portland, OR, Austin, Larry and Jael look into the story of a mysterious floating light near a bridge that is said to be haunted. They begin the investigation by lobbing some illuminated Frisbees from the bridge. The light is too faint, and the disc makes a sharp drop way too soon. Next, they tow LED-illuminated balloons behind a boat, hoping for more control. Although they get a more accurate flight path, the speed and altitude are still off. Moving on, they get a remote control model airplane, which they trick out with alternating color LEDs to match the colors of the original. This time, they nail it - their video is a ringer for the original.

And with that, two more cases are closed.

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