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Haunted Mansion Mist/Starlight Intruder
Season 1 - Episode 107
Haunted Mansion Mist/Starlight Intruder
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Ben, Chi-Lan and Austin head to Alton, Illinois, to attempt to duplicate a video of a possible ghost sighting in the notoriously paranormally active McPike Mansion. A local woman, Renee Kruse, and her friends, were ghost hunting in this hotbed of activity when they caught a specter-like figure that moved, swirled, and followed people through the basement of the mansion.

After a quick tour, the gang gets to work: They set up a small vacuum cleaner and blow fine dust through the air. Though it looks a lot like the video, the sound of the vacuum is a dead giveaway. Their next thought is to recreate the image with a swarm of insects, but once they shut off the lights, the insects cease all activity. Their final shot is to bring in a mist machine, but not only is the form nothing like the video, the movement is all wrong, as well. The next step is to verify the possibility of paranormal activity.

They set up cameras all around the house and hunker down for an overnight stay. Austin and Ben begin a sweep with detecting devices while Chi-Lan mans center control. Austin gets a creepy feeling just as Chi-Lan catches a strange dancing image on one of the cameras!

Meanwhile, in Fresno, CA, Jael, Bill and Larry look into the video captured by UFO-enthusiast Pablo Mejia of a delta-shaped UFO. They begin by attaching LEDs to a delta wing kite - the look is right, but the movement is all wrong. A model jet gives them the movement they're looking for, but the noise it makes is a dead giveaway. Looking for something silent with a more stable flight path, they bring in a hang glider, again outfitted with LEDs. They kill the lights, the glider launches and - presto! They lock down footage that looks just like the original.

Back at mission control, Ben's team reveals the paranormal nature of their investigation, and Bill's team shares the results of the nighttime hang glider experiment - maybe not a normal explanation, but certainly not out of this world.

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