Final Fandom
Season 1 - Episode 6
Final Fandom

After a Stan Lee VO reviews the ups, downs, loves, hates, and Sulus of the season to date for us, the team hits the ground running to get things together for the Comikaze launch party. Balloons, cups, food trucks, and cosplayers all have to be organized, and Molly's excited for the party, but sad because it means the summer's ending.

As Mike talks about the pressure they all feel to do well for Regina and the con, part of the team comes out of the party-supply store to find that the Internmobile has caught a flat...and nobody has ever changed a tire before. Or knows what the jack is called. Kristin has to look up instructions on her phone as Sal brags to camera that Dani's probably impressed with his automotive acumen right now. Once that's finally fixed, it's off to Regina's house to pick up the Dr. Who-vian TARDIS, and Dani is too tiny to help move the pieces into the truck, while Andrew manages to get wedged behind it.

Next stop: Whimsic Alley, a Harry Potter store with a big back room that's the venue for the party. The interns get pretty distracted by all the cool gear -- Dani enthuses about the fact that all the characters' wands are represented -- before getting a tour of the Great Room, the actual party location. Then Molly and her nutty cat tote bag take charge; she claims she has the most experience and the best idea of what Regina wants. The others roll their eyes. Andrew jokes in an interview that he's surprised Molly didn't take over sooner...while claiming to know JK Rowling and that she gave Rowling the idea for the HP series. Paul disagrees with Molly's layout plans; the others just want to get done and go home.

On the day of the launch party, Paul's hoping to take advantage of this last chance to impress Regina, who's come to the cube farm to review what they have to accomplish before set-up at five o'clock. An assembly line forms to build hundreds of gift bags as once again the kids stress how much pressure is on them and how important the launch party is.

Everyone rushes back to the Fortress of Fandom to get cleaned up and dressed. Dani interviews again about how important and prestigious the party is, and then it's a total circus: Assembling the tentacle, assembling the TARDIS, moving tables, stacking gift bags, building a phone booth, rushing back in forth in too-high heels, and...realizing phone-booth parts have gone missing. Sal tracks down their truck, but guests have started arriving. Can they find it in time?

They can, and as Molly greets Jinyo and Victoria (who, unlike every episode of Heroes of Cosplay she appeared in, seems to have gotten dressed within the allotted time) and the other cosplayers outside, the others hustle to assemble the photo booth. Molly brags that it's a lot of responsibility to wrangle the cosplayers; inside, time is ticking down as last-minute prep drags on and celebrities tap their toes outside.

At last, it's go time. Mike waves people between the velvet ropes, guests line up in the bar, and a beige Rolls pulls up outside with Regina and Elvira inside. Regina is thrilled with the job the kids have done. Dani tries not to get stampeded by people wanting gift bags and Sal is rushing around straightening banners, but it's going quite smoothly, so Regina releases the kids to get a drink and party themselves, as long as they keep an eye on the TARDIS and the gift bags. Dani conscientiously sticks close to the TARDIS while Mike hits the dance floor (and on girls) and Molly bellows at Paul to go mingle with women "now!" He does so, clumsily, although Molly thinks he's getting better, and he's way less yelly and obnoxious than she is (and less clumsy with the small talk than Andrew is with whatever jitterbug he's doing to the music).

Paul snacks and talks about the culmination of their intense summer, and Regina is so pleased with how the interns did that she surprises them with a cosplay stage fight that includes Tony Stark, Emma Frost, and fencing. At the end of the night, feet hurting, dreading packing, the kids head home; Dani says there's a pall over the house, and she and Sal plan how they'll keep in touch (and make out).

At one last deluxe breakfast, everyone pitches in to cook, and Dani talks about how they bonded through good times and bad, and became a family. Then it's time for the final Fortress of Fandom podcast, and Kristin asks who the others think will get the internship. The consensus: Kristin might not get it, but she'll deserve it. Molly is offended, and feels like it's a "jab at" her, which is both oversensitive and probably correct. Mike points out that it's what Regina thinks that counts, and she did the best she could; he says in an interview that it's time for Molly to grow up.

The last morning in the cube farm, and Regina says she'd like to meet with each intern individually. She's still on the fence about whom to choose as the employee. Dani is first; she learned a lot about running a convention, and if she's not picked, she recommends Kristin. Sal feels like he's grown up a bit, and he's passionate about Comikaze; he recommends Dani. Kristin describes herself as organized and driven, and recommends Molly. Regina sounds skeptical when she asks if it's because she's Kristin's friend; Kristin says Molly's very motivated. That's one word for it. Mike also names Molly, probably to avoid getting killed in his sleep for not doing so. Andrew goes with Dani or Paul. Paul refers to his attention to quality, and he recommends Kristin.

Outside, Molly is pacing (read: "attention-seeking"), and then it's finally her turn. Molly takes the opportunity to sell the others out for screwing off during work time and not taking it as seriously as she does, which reminds Regina of herself; Molly recommends Dani. Regina feels ready to make the call, although she hates only picking one of them -- and anoints Dani, who is delighted. Molly is not, but manages to force out a congratulations through tears; Kristin notes that this may have been more than a job to Molly, who weeps that she never wanted anything more than she wanted this job. Regina sighs that everyone wanted the job, and invites them all to hug it out.

Hugs and goodbyes all around as the kids recap what they learned and whom they'll miss, and then everyone piles into different cabs...and we go out on one last Vulcan peace sign from Andrew.

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