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Jason and Steve give chase to a slamming door in the library- and find a hallway door that is the culprit. But who slammed it? Then they take a little break from the investigating to give Tango a different kind of scare.

Britt's Gear Guide - Geophones
Watch 02:25
Bonus Scene - On the Balcony
Watch 01:31
Bonus Scene - Checking Out the Client's Evidence
Watch 02:25
Bonus Scene - Opening Doors on the Third Floor
Watch 00:41
Stop! In the Name of Ghosts
Watch 01:52
Bonus Scene - Checking on the sinks
Watch 01:22
Bonus Scene - History of the Massacre
Watch 01:05
Bonus Scene - Tiny Jacket
Watch 00:46
Bonus Scene - Phantom Propane
Watch 01:43
Bonus Scene - Mystery Train
Watch 02:14
Bonus Scene - Tango and Sam Try to Make Contact
Watch 05:22
Reading is Fundamental
Watch 02:43