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Ghost Hunters InternationalTravel Trips: Trinidad

Travel Trips: Trinidad

The Team Takes on Trinidad

What's the one thing about Trinidad anyone hoping to visit should be prepared for?

Barry Fitzgerald: There is a huge vibrancy to the island and arriving one week before carnival added to the feel of Trinidad. Though one thing people should be aware of when visiting Trinidad are the roads, in some parts narrow and dotted with pot holes only those with adventurous souls will find the beautiful landscapes hidden in its mountains.

Kris Williams: A very different cultural experience, although they speak English everything is Trinidad is very different than the USA or any other part of the world I have been to. They have their own music, the roads are very small and food is amazingly different.

Joe Chin: If anyone is planning on visiting Trinidad make sure you bring plenty of bug repellant.  It is very hot and humid and there are a ton of bugs.

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