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Ghost Hunters InternationalTravel Trips: Trinidad

Travel Trips: Trinidad

Barry's Trinidad

What one item should anyone visiting Trinidad bring along?
Being Irish I would highly recommend sunscreen. 

What's the one thing anyone visiting the Lopinot Valley should see?
Navigating the mountain road is an adventure on its own, but a visit to the Lapinot Plantation and the numerous caves in the surrounding hills filled with various wildlife is an experience.

What part of Trinidadian culture most appealed to you?
I was surprised by their national pride, we were invited by some Government officials in the tourist office to attend the steel drum competitions held on our last weekend on the island. It was an inspiring insight into the Trinidad culture and pride, the air was positively charged so much so you could have cut it with a knife. 

Would you go back, and why?
Since filming in Trinidad we were informed about the island of Tabago and the startling paranormal phenomenon reported there. If I was to go back to Trinidad & Tabago I would make my plans to include both islands. 

Last words?
Setting aside the paranormal I would have loved to explore their dense rain forests on the mountain sides of Trinidad. I adore nature and not being able to explore some of the islands native insects and animals was a regret.

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