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Ghost Hunters InternationalTravel Trips: Trinidad

Travel Trips: Trinidad

Kris' Trinidad

What one item should anyone visiting Trinidad bring along?
I can't say just one there is actually two must have items in Trinidad, bug spray and sunscreen! The beaches are beautiful but the sun is very intense down there and if you venture to the inland parts of the island the mosquitoes will eat you alive.

What's the one thing anyone visiting the Lopinot Valley should see?
I would have to say everyone should take the time to see the Lopinot Estate, it was an amazing part of the islands history and a gorgeous place to boot. And some where around there is this amazing local food and the interesting part is it was a families house and they converted part of their house into a restaurant and the whole family came out and played music.

What part of Trinidadian culture most appealed to you?
It was tough to learn everything about the culture, because we were there for a very short time but I would have to say the calypso music because it was so cheerful. It was my 30th birthday and as much as I love my GHI family I was really sad I wasn’t home with my actual family. But the sound of the steel drum echoing through out the streets had such an upbeat sound it really helped me cope. I didn’t know this but Trinidad was the birthplace of the steel drum and calypso music. 

Would you go back, and why?
You know I am glad I went there but there are so many places I still want to see, I would recommend everyone visit but I don’t think I feel the need to go back.

Last words?
I will always remember the locations we investigate in Trinidad, they were off the beaten path and if I ever do go back to Trinidad, I will be sure to pay another visit to Lopinot.

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