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Ghost Hunters InternationalTravel Tips: Argentina

Travel Tips: Argentina

Barry's Argentina

What's the one thing about Argentina anyone hoping to visit should be prepared for?

The generosity of the people and the number of dogs. I have never seen as many stray dogs, but they quickly become your friends and they hung around as we worked.
What one item should anyone visiting Gualeguaychú, Argentina bring along?

A good pair of walking boots and a good translator.

What's the one thing anyone visiting Argentina should see?

Buenos Aires. The city's beauty was amazing and the last thing I expected to see after spending several days traveling on dusty roads and seeing cowboys rounding up cattle.

What part of Argentinean culture most appealed to you?

Their love of food and conversation. Although sometimes heated and political, it adds some spice to the evening filled with great meats and carbohydrates.
Would you go back, and why?

I would go back to Argentina. There is something magical about the countryside I was not able to understand, a luring, or a calling to come back. Horseback riding is a must in the outback and you will have a magnificent time. GHI has an ever-growing fan base in Argentina and we took time out to meet some of them in the capital the night before we left for Ireland, and we had a great time.
Final thoughts...

The night sky in Argentina is a wonder to behold, and I often capture as many photos of a starry sky as I can. The sunsets are another pleasure many of us rarely get to see, but one evening it stopped me dead. I never saw anything just as beautiful.

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