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Travel Tips: Argentina

Joe's Argentina

What one item should anyone visiting Gualeguaychú, Argentina bring along?

When traveling in Argentina and not in Buenos Aires, you should make sure you bring at least two things: Hand sanitizer and bathroom tissue. It is very rural and those two things came in very handy.
What's the one thing anyone visiting Argentina should see?

If you do make it to Argentina, head to the coast.  They have some pretty cool lakes and water holes in some areas.

What part of Argentinean culture most appealed to you?

Unfortunately, sometimes we don't have much time to interact with the locals.  But, from what I could tell, they were hard-working people and seemed to enjoy visitors.
Would you go back, and why?

I wouldn't mind going back to Argentina...if you're a foodie like I am, then you would really like the BBQ there. Outstanding!

Final Thoughts...

I liked my time in Argentina, and, for the most part, they had some interesting places to see.  I also found the food to be pretty good and would have liked to see more of the touristy spots.

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