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Ghost Hunters InternationalTravel Tips: Isle of Man

Travel Tips: Isle of Man

The Team Takes on the Isle of Man

What's the one thing about The Isle of Man anyone hoping to visit should be prepared for?
Kris: I'd say be prepared for a 3 hour ferry ride, or in Barry and I's case, 5-hour. Barry and I boarded the ferry in Liverpool and, just after we got on it, it lost power. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to meet up with the rest of the team that night or end up in a hotel in Liverpool.

What one item should anyone visiting The Isle of Man bring along?

Barry: There is a book which speaks of the folklore of Isle of Man and locates these places on a map which you can follow around the island. A very informative tour which would take a week or more to complete covering all manner of fairy, monster, ghosts and strange animal sightings over the years, and even a UFO crash.

What's the one thing anyone visiting The Isle of Man should see?

Kris: Rushen's the only thing I had time to see, lol. Barry and I had flown back to LA for an event so we didn't really get to experience the Isle of Man like the rest of the team did. However, the castle was beautiful and I really liked how the little town surrounded it. The view from the tower was worth checking out, just be ready for an extremely narrow spiral staircase that leaves you dizzy and realizing you need to spend more time at the gym.

What part of The Isle of Man culture most appealed to you?

Barry: I took a little time out and visited a Manx cat home, and it was strange to see the cats with no tails. Loveable animals, but I prefer dogs, myself.

Would you go back, and why?
Kris: I would definitely return to the Isle of Man. The history interested me, it was beautiful and the people made us feel welcome. I know the rest of the team enjoyed the restaurants, pubs and live music while Barry and I were away. I would love to go back and actually experience the island outside of work.

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