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Travel Tips: Isle of Man

Barry's Isle of Man

What's the one thing about The Isle of Man anyone hoping to visit should be prepared for?

Its size. It's quite a small island, and its roads are narrow with restrictive speed limits. Surprisingly, though, most major high street stores can be found in Douglas, its capital city.

What one item should anyone visiting The Isle of Man bring along?

There is a book which speaks of the folklore of Isle of Man and locates these places on a map that you can follow around the island. A very informative tour which would take a week or more to complete covering all manner of fairy, monster, ghosts and strange animal sightings over the years, and even a UFO crash.

What's the one thing anyone visiting The Isle of Man should see?

Castle Rushen. This is how you expect a Norman castle to look, with its drawbridge, secret rooms and chambers, and high walls, it looks like something time warped form the past and planted in modern day.

What part of The Isle of Man culture most appealed to you?

I took a little time out and visited a Manx cat home, and it was strange to see the cats with no tails. Loveable animals, but I prefer dogs, myself.

Would you go back, and why?

For sure! I would not have to be asked twice. I would be back on the folklore trail over the entire island with a camera in my hand.

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