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Travel Tips: New Zealand

Barry's New Zealand

What's the one thing about New Zealand anyone hoping to visit should be prepared for?

The sheer beauty of its landscapes, diverse in every way I can see why they choose to film Lord of the Rings there with miles of open hills and not one person or animal to be seen. A new age wonderland of exploration.

What one item should anyone visiting New Zealand bring along?

A camera, this was the only place I ever took a photo of a night time rainbow, I never knew there was such a thing, I nearly crashed the car to get it stopped and we all jumped out to get the photo before it went away.

What's the one thing anyone visiting New Zealand should see?

The whales,  large pods of whales are seen near the shore and you can take trips out to see them. Before the big earthquake at Christchurch approx 300 beached themselves hours before the big quake hit and none could be saved.

What part of New Zealand culture most appealed to you?

I like their resilience, they are hit down by nature and earthquakes so many times and yet they rebuild and move on as if nothing happened only to have it happen again. Many of us would have stopped and moved off the island, but they have a great back bone of resilience to stay and fit this out.

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