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Travel Tips: New Zealand

Kris' New Zealand

What's the one thing about New Zealand anyone hoping to visit should be prepared for?

I think the thing visitors should be prepared for is the amount of damage done in Christ Church due to earthquakes. While we were staying in the house in Christ Church we all experienced a few. Just a day after we left for the North Island, we got a call from our client there saying they got rocked with a couple more huge ones. Apparently a good part of the buildings we saw standing when we left are gone. I really feel for the people there…

What one item should anyone visiting New Zealand bring along?

I think anyone visiting New Zealand should have a camera ready. It honestly made me think of a giant golf course, very green and rolling hills scattered with sheep or cattle. It was a beautiful drive and I think the one thing I will never forget was the Moonbow… On our drive through the countryside at night a few of us noticed a rainbow-at night!! You could see it clear as day, so we all pulled over and luckily Barry was able to get a picture of it. All of us were freaking out over it while the guy we were with who was a local thought it was funny cause they aren't a big deal to those who live there. They are some how possible by a full moon, the angle of the moon and of course moisture in the air. Coolest freaking thing I have ever seen.

What's the one thing anyone visiting New Zealand should see?

I think anyone visiting the islands should take the ferry between the south and north Islands… It was probably one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen.

What part of New Zealand culture most appealed to you?

I felt that it was hard to really get to know the New Zealand culture, espeacially in Christchurch. The people were extremely nice however you could tell they were all on edge with all the earthquakes.
Would you go back, and why?

I would love to go back to New Zealand when it's a little less shaky, it was beautiful. I really enjoyed our time there and the sights. I think one of my favorite things was the Zorbing. The whole team gave it a try, it was hilarious! Anyone who gets a chance should try it.

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