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Hell's Gate: Canada
Season 3 - Episode 313
Hell's Gate: Canada
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Oh Canada! The Ghost Hunters International team is on the case at Fort Garry, where staff members are tormented by tragic deaths and phantom sightings.  Later, the team travels to Hell's Gate, where men were worked to death on the railway. 

First: Lower Fort Garry in Manitoba, Canada, which was originally built to protect the fur trade. Paranormal activity has increased in recent months! 

People have spotted the apparition of a little girl in the guest cottage and a figure of a man and a woman in the prison where a guard once killed himself.  From the blacksmith's shop people hear hammering noises- and this is the site of an explosion that killed the blacksmith and his son. People have seen a man looking out the window of the warehouse. A security guard confronted a man walking around upstairs, and when he asked him to leave the man walked out through the wall! In the sick house, once used for tuberculosis patients, workers found the house trashed and a little girl crying in the corner, only to have the girl disappear just after!

Why is this suddenly happening? Hopefully the team can answer some questions.

Barry and Kris investigate the warehouse and hear dramatic movement in the boats and hear knocks. In the blacksmith shop, Paul and Susan try their hand at hammering hot iron, when they hear the bellows being pumped! In the prison Joe Chin and Scott find creepy manikin parts strewn about and they hear a loud scraping sound.  In the guest cottage Paul and Susan set out some toys on black paper and outline them with chalk to see if they are moved.

At the reveal, Barry and Kris present audio footage of the various noises the team heard. But the fascinating evidence is that the doll's hair was moved from it's chalk outline on the black paper! There is definitely something unusual going on.

Next the team heads to British Columbia, to Hell's Gate Airtram, the site of the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Rumor holds that for every mile of track that was laid, 3 Chinese workers were killed. Reports are of apparitions, sounds of shouting and screaming and the figure of a man in the dining room who is smoking a cigar. Products have fallen off walls, people hear footsteps and voices, and someone saw a dark shadow with fierce Doberman dogs with them. In the terminal, guests have felt people playing with their hair. The activity has kicked up during the winter season and the operators of Hell's Gate are concerned they won't be able to re-open in the spring.

During the investigation, Barry spies movement of a large shadow in the dining room. While in the basement with Scott, something touched Joe Chin's pant leg and the guys smell cigar smoke. Then they saw a white misty figure pass them by!  Susan and Paul placed a cigarette on the table to lure out the smoking man, and it started rolling back and forth all over the table!

Still, no one was threatened and there's no reason the site can't open for business in the Spring!

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