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Unfaithful Spirit: Germany
Season 2 - Episode 222
Unfaithful Spirit: Germany
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"Some of the weirdest stuff," says Paul, tech specialist and world-traveled ghost hunter, "comes from Europe." Weird is the name of the GHI game, and so the team seeks the source at Fursteneck Castle in Germany. The legend of the place is that a medieval knight interred his cheating wife is its walls, and an apparition, thought by many to be her, is often seen in this castle-turned-hotel.

Kris and Barry search for the spirit of a bishop who once tortured poachers on the land of the castle. Their provocations yield unusual sounds and sights, and they both feel something pass very close to them. Susan and Paul, meanwhile, set up an experiment to see if reports of footsteps could have a real world explanation. Indeed, when Paul walks down the hall, Susan reports that it sounds like he's right next to her, and so they put that mystery to rest.

Joe and Britt team up to explore the wine cellar, and immediately hear noises that sound like crying. As they set up surveillance, Joe feels something brush his leg. Susan and Paul, in the attic, follow up on Barry and Kris's experience, and search for the voices that may be dwelling beyond the walls. Barry calls the name of Elspeth, the cheating wife of legend, and begins to feel weak and chilled. Realizing the potential danger, they leave, but Paul continues to feel weak and drops to the ground. When Barry and Kris decide to check the wine cellar, and hear the same crying noise that Joe and Britt did.

Britt and Joe head to the dining room and hear mysterious noises. They follow it, and see a shadow move through an adjoining room, but when they pursue it, it disappears. To cap the investigation, Barry takes the whole team into the dining room to call upon the spirit of Elspeth (aka Elizabeth). Immediately, Susan feels her head start to tingle and feel warm, as if someone were stroking her hair. Britt takes her pulse, and finds it racing. Barry continues to call on her, and Susan continues to be affected, to the point where Barry asks Kris to remove her from the room for her own safety. Barry, hoping a smaller number will yield stronger results, leaves Joe and Britt to investigate on their own. Joe finds that it is his turn to feel tingling on his head that travels through his body.

Kris and Barry report to Franz that there is a normal explanation for the reports of footsteps in the hallway. But they also tell him of the personal experiences that Paul, Susan and Joe all felt. They play the audio clip of the voice that Britt and Joe caught, as well as sounds of whispers, that Franz is able to translate as, "Come! Who is that?" The coup de grace is a clip of bright lights in the dining room, and a flash of light in the wine cellar that corroborates eyewitness reports. Franz is excited and nervous, but Barry assures him that, though the castle is haunted, it is certainly safe.
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