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Amsterdamned: Netherlands
Season 2 - Episode 223
Amsterdamned: Netherlands
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Can a house ruin a man’s life? According to Johan Vlemmix, owner of what is referred to as the most haunted house in the Netherlands, it can. He bought the house just over a year ago, and since that time, all aspects of his life have gone downhill. The previous owner concurs – his own life is in shambles, he says, solely because of the house. Johan is grateful to have GHI present, and they, in turn, do their best to get to the bottom of the strange phenomena to which the house is prone.

Throughout the night, all of the investigators have similar experiences: They hear noises, but when they pursue the source, no presence – paranormal or otherwise – is to be found. Kris and Barry see shadowy objects, and Joe and Britt have a similar experience when, in the basement, they hear what sounds like a conversation, but the effect lacks consistency. And Paul and Susan head to the attic – the site of at least four suicides by hanging – where Paul thinks he hears someone call his name. However, none of these events are corroborated by data from analysis. Far from disbelief, Johan is thrilled with this news. He takes it as an invitation to take matters into his own hands, and use a positive outlook to build a better life for himself in the future.

As a counterpoint to this debunked case of domestic abuse stands the forbidding Ijmuiden Fortress, a Dutch stronghold captured by Nazis in World War II. Jan De Leur, curator of this now museum, shows the team the hotspots, and wishes them luck. Paul and Susan go into the Pink Room, where the soldiers penned abducted prostitutes and made them wartime concubines. They hear a door slam, as had been reported by Jan. Following the sound, they hear another door slam, but find no physical explanation for the movement.

Barry and Kris try the Pink Room next, looking for the word “Help,” supposed to have been written in blood. They use a blacklight to find the writing under the paint, but are surprised instead to find a hand print. Though this is interesting, it is not paranormal. The search continues.

In analysis, the team catches three separate audio clips of what sound like voices, and hand them over to Barry and Kris. Jan identifies the first one as saying “Rechtsom” – the Dutch for “Go to the right,” a phrase that fits with where the investigators were at the time. The second and third, Jan makes out as “Help,” and “Hi,” respectively. He is thrilled that there is now substance to his and others’ long held beliefs of the haunting of this storied fort.

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