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Army of the Dead: Serbia
Season 2 - Episode 224
Army of the Dead: Serbia
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Europe's largest undestroyed fortress - the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia - is bound to have a few stories to tell, and the GHI team want to hear them. Alen Panikovic, who works at the now-museum, shows the team the grounds, including a prison, a barricade area, an execution wall, and a tunnel system 16 kilometers long. The facility is so large that their normal equipment won't do the trick, but luckily Paul is able to rig a device for each of the investigators so that they can carry DVs, audio recorders, EMF detectors - the whole toolkit - on one hand-held rig. Genius. Barry warns them to be careful of the fortress's dangers, including collapsing tunnels, and with that, the explorers set off.

Barry and Kris wind through the tunnels to a Satanic ritual room, where bones from a dead ritual still rest. Alen has asked to find out what animal these bones come from, so they take a sample to be analyzed off-site. Paul and Susan cast a net of lasers in hopes of detecting a presence, and before long, Susan sees a shadow form in the laser grid. The pair hear noises and chase them through the winding halls, feeling something toying with them. In a dark corner, Susan feels something give her hair a good tug. Barry and Kris go back later to fortify Susan and Paul's experiences. They, too, see shadows and hear noises, one of which is a long sigh. Something touches Barry's arm and he calls out to the darkness, but receives no reply.

Paul and Susan head next to the logistic tunnels. Paul hears a woman's voice, and they both hear sighing and moaning, but the sounds always seem to slip away. Joe and Scott, who have been investigating the prison, walk the perimeter of the space to make sure the breathing they heard was not coming from a living human. As they do so, they hear the rattling of a chain, and speak soothingly to the presence, but it fails to respond.

In analysis, some prime audio clips are caught: The moan that Susan and Paul heard in the logistic tunnels, a woman's voice, heard by Kris and Barry in the prison and the coup de grace, a photograph of the shadow person seen by Susan and Paul in the barricades. There, in the laser grid at the back of the corridor, is a hulking human outline.

Barry and Kris present this to Alen, whose curiosity about the paranormal activity in his space is even more enlivened after seeing and hearing these catches, and whose mind is calmed to know that the paranormal presence does not seem to be threatening.

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