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Soldiers of Misfortune: Puerto Rico
Season 2 - Episode 226
Soldiers of Misfortune: Puerto Rico
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The GHI team head to Puerto Rico, but they're not expecting a relaxing time at the beach. Debbie Molina Ramos has called them here to see if visitors to her facility, the San Cristobal and El Morro Fortresses in San Juan, are safe from the paranormal activity they've reported.

Paul and Susan start in the San Cristobal fortress and explore the tunnels of the dungeon, where a visitor said she saw the ghost of a soldier walk through the wall. As soon as Paul speaks to the spirits, he hears a strange sound from down the hallway, and Susan feels her trademark faintness that could lead to a trance.

Joe and Scott set up an EVP session in the dungeon-cum-theater, where a Chinese prisoner starved to death many years ago. Joe reaches out to this spirit by speaking Chinese, and he and Scott hear a creepy reply. Scott sees a shadow pass by him, and nearly jumps out of his skin. They then move on to the soldiers' barracks and attempt to debunk the notion that mysterious orbs, captured in a visitor's photo, were paranormal. Scott scuffles up the dust on the floor, turns, and snaps a photo. Lo and behold, he captures eerie orbs that exactly match the eyewitness's document.

In the reveal with Debbie, Barry presents the evidence on the dust orbs first, and then moves to more chilling evidence: Joe and Scott caught an audio clip of a voice saying, "Damn," and Paul and Susan have one of a laugh from one of their EVP sessions. The claim that someone saw a form walk through a wall is supported by the fact that the structure of that building used to have an arch at the exact location where the form is said to have passed through stone.

The investigators continue to their next hotbed of paranormal activity, the Tapia Theater, also in San Juan. They team up with local investigator Bruce Otero to gain the inside info that the building used to be an execution site.

Kris and Barry tour the space with the client, Lunna Garcia de la Noceda, then get to work. Scott and Joe explore the mezzanine, where an employee said he felt something tugging his pants. Scott feels something shove his arm  - the EMF reader he was holding goes flying. Footsteps echo throughout the space.

Kris and Barry look into the claims of moving doors in the basement by crawling into the tunnel system under the stage, where voices and echoes surround them. Paul and Susan, meanwhile, investigate the reports of shadow people, and when Susan does an EMF sweep, the reading zips to a hot 6.

In the reveal, Kris and Barry play a clip for Lunna that sounds like it's saying, "Help," but this wasn't the only voice they caught. Another catch, seconds later but caught in a different room, sounds like it's saying, "Let me out." Their final presentation is video footage, both low lux and thermal, catching some of the shadow figures that have been seen.

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