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Rising From the Grave: Trinidad
Season 3 - Episode 301
Rising From the Grave: Trinidad
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For the first time ever, the GHI team heads to Trinidad, where they will get to the bottom of claims of a long-dead slave master tormenting the townspeople. At the Lopinot estate, Barry and the team meet with Martin Gomez, the caretaker, who tells them of the many claims of paranormal activity. People have heard horses riding by, footsteps in all corners of the estate, and there are even claims that Monsieur Lopinot, the owner of the cocoa plantation, will rise from his grave on a full moon. The cashew tree where he hanged his slaves is said to bleed their blood, and a fireball, believed to be a demon called a soucouyant, has been seen at a nearby river.

Paul and Susan start in the main house, and though they hear footsteps upstairs, they find no cause for such a noise. They soon hear a door slamming, and find that the wind is probably blowing through a nearby window and shutting the doors.

Kris and Barry head to a cave to investigate a claim of a child apparition that appears in photos. Barry thinks he sees Kris in front of him, but when he turns and sees her behind him, he realizes that something must've been playing a trick on him, though he doesn't know what it could be. Just then, their camera stops working, only to mysteriously start again.

Joe and Scott call on Kris and Barry to switch places with them to confirm their suspicions at the river when they hear bushes rustling and see a bright area on their thermal camera. Upon arrival, Kris sees something move across the river, but it couldn't have been an animal: no sound or footprints accompany the motion.

Paul and Susan check out the cave, and Susan feels something grab her leg! They follow the sound of grumbling and growling as deep into the cave as they dare, rolling out an EVP session the whole way.

In analysis, Joe catches an audio clip of a growl, right after Susan's leg was grabbed. Kris and Barry share this with Martin and his daughter, Donna, who are stunned. The next piece of evidence they present is a video clip of an inhuman shadow moving along the river. But the most chilling sign is video of a glowing orb rising up from the bushes, through a tree, and off into the night sky. Donna is convinced that this is the soucouyant of legend, and though she's chilled by the image, she finds some relief in the confirmation of what she believed all along.

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