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Sensing Evil: Argentina & Trinidad
Season 3 - Episode 302
Sensing Evil: Argentina & Trinidad
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In a former leper colony in Trinidad, the ghost of a nun is said to walk the halls, lamenting the loss of her true love. GHI teams up with two local investigators, Leslie and Fernando of Paranormal Investigators of Trinidad and Tobago, to see if they can shed some light on the many claims about that facility.

Kris and Barry hear footsteps in the chapel, and Joe has a hard time breathing in the nun's quarters while investigating with Scott. But things get really interesting when Paul and Susan take a boat to the infirmary with Leslie. During their EVP session, they hear a very clear "go," and "get out," and Susan feels something pushing her bookbag. Susan sees tall, humanoid shadows and Paul hears a disturbance, so they give chase, but find nothing. Kris, Fernando and Barry investigate the cemetery, where Barry hears a woman's voice, but they can't get a firm hold on the presence.

In the reveal with Leslie and Fernando, Kris and Barry present some impressive catches: Audio of footsteps from the chapel, the female voice from the cemetery, and the "go" and "get out" from the infirmary. It's not enough to claim a haunting, but it's certainly compelling.

Next, the team heads to Argentina to the Frigorifico Gualeguaychu, a defunct slaughterhouse. Their client, Ruben, and his translator, Maria, meet them and tell them the stories of the four deaths on the premises, as well as the manifold claims of activity. Then, the investigators get down to business.

Barry, while doing an IR sweep of the main building with Kris, thinks he hears someone say Kris's name. Paul and Susan head to the social room to follow up on claims of female voices, but discover dozens of pigeons cooing, a very normal explanation for the claims. Joe and Scott follow what they think may be a shadow person, but when it goes down a dead end, they lose it.

Kris and Barry present several intriguing catches in the reveal, but again, nothing that suggests an actual haunting. The claims of female voices were certainly pigeons cooing, and the orbs of light caught on camera were actually dust motes. However, when Joe and Scott investigated the cold chamber, they nabbed an excellent audio catch of someone saying what sounds like, "It's my job." So while there's no official statement of haunting, the stories of the slaughterhouse continue to be complex.

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