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Touched By the Dead: Ireland
Season 3 - Episode 303
Touched By the Dead: Ireland
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The team heads to Barry's homeland of Ireland to investigate two local infamous cases. The first is at Roe Valley Hospital, a site that began as a workhouse - a facility where the homeless were forced to perform grueling labor - until it was transformed into a hospital by Dr. Robinson, a woman who is said to haunt the grounds today.

Susan and Kris investigate the women's dormitory, hoping that the spirits there will find trust in their shared womanhood. While there, they hear what sounds like two knocks. Joe and Scott are in command central, and on one of the monitors, they see a shape moving in the background. They radio to tell Kris and Susan, but the women have no clear explanation for these shapes.

Paul and Barry are trying to recreate a visitor's photo depicting a red apparition when they see a small form running past, and hear footsteps a moment later, but they're unable to pin down the source. They then move on to the kitchen where the ghost of Dr. Robinson has been seen, and Paul feels something try to grab his hand! Could it be Dr. Robinson offering comfort?

Scott has a similar experience when he feels something stroke his back while investigating the maternity ward with Joe. They hear a baby - is it cooing, or crying? - and hope something is captured in analysis.

Barry tells the client that they believe most of the claims have normal explanations and the facility is not haunted. The client is a skeptic and accepts this as fact, but GHI's personal experiences will continue to resonate soundly with believers.

The next facility is the military crossroads of Spike Island in Cork Harbor. One of the most famous inmates of this once-fortress, then prison, is John Mitchell, a charismatic insurrectionist. Paul and Susan investigate his former cell, where a white mist has been seen, while Joe and Scott check out the claims of marching feet in the social room. They hear footsteps, Joe thinks he feels something touch his wrist and they both see a form emerge, then descend, into the shadows, with no rational explanation. Kris and Barry tempt the legend of the banshee with a special incense, and hear strange noises in their EVP session.

Several audio clips pepper the reveal. First, Kris and Barry's banshee hunt yielded a catch of someone gently saying, "Come in," while Susan and Paul caught a rough male voice saying the same thing in a very different way. Joe and Scott, while exploring the old cell block, grabbed an audio clip of what sounds like someone singing. But the evidence that allows them to declare a haunting is a video clip of orbs and streaks of light appearing and disappearing in Cell Block A. These eerie lights push the building from paranormally active to haunted.

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