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Search For the She-Wolf: England
Season 3 - Episode 304
Search For the She-Wolf: England
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While she lived, Queen Isabella of France was called the She-Wolf. It's no wonder that someone with that reputation would cling to Earth hundreds of years after her death. The GHI team has come to Norfolk, England to investigate claims of Isabella haunting Rising Castle, where she once lived. A historian studying the site, Norman Fahy, wonders if it isn't perhaps he, rather than the castle, that is being haunted.

The team sets up situations to test this possibility. Kris and Barry start by bringing Norman to the dungeon, where the temperature around the man plummets from 60 degrees to 47. They leave the room while Norman, with cameras trained on him, conducts an EVP session. Points of light begin to appear around him, visible to his naked eyes as well as the cameras.

Later, Susan and Paul accompany Norman to the White Room, where they hear a low growl and moan, and Norman begins to feel dizzy. Afterwards, Susan and Paul attempt to recreate a photograph of what appears to be a spirit horse on the drawbridge, but are unable to get the result they're looking for.

Joe and Scott check out the Great Hall Basement, and hear footsteps and what sounds like a woman's whisper. Later, they investigate the dungeon, where they find chains, shackles, and human bones wrapped up in crates. Scott feels something brush against him, possibly angry that the eternal rest was disturbed.

Susan and Paul decide to follow up in the Great Hall Basement, where they, too, hear footsteps and what sounds like the rush of fabric, as a cloak or gown, against the floor. Susan gives chase, but can't find anything.

The reveal could not be more satisfying for the desperately curious client. Video footage of him in the dungeon contains a very clear moment of someone saying, "Go home," a phrase he's heard many times before. They also show Norman footage of orbs of light appearing and disappearing, as well as a striking piece of evidence from the low-light camera, wherein an entity of light dances in perfect darkness, invisible to human sight but caught with this high-tech equipment.

Kris and Barry validate Norman's belief that haunting is afoot, but assure him that it is the castle, not he, himself, that is haunted.

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