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Imprisoned Souls: New Zealand
Season 3 - Episode 306
Imprisoned Souls: New Zealand
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Backpackers at a hostel in New Zealand have been plagued by some terrifying experiences. Barry and the gang visit this former prison to see if ghosts of murderers are tormenting visitors. The caretaker, Marion, tells them that guests have been scratched, pushed, threatened and possessed. The investigators shut off the lights and begin a deep investigation.

Barry and Kris start in the infirmary, the site of an alleged possession. Barry, lying on the bed in hopes of tempting the spirit forward, feels two fingers press into his shin, and sees a black figure moving through the room. Kris feels something stroking her head – a sign of disrespect in the Maori culture, the native culture of New Zealand.

Susan and Paul do a second check of the infirmary, and they both hear noises, even conversations, coming from the other side of the wall. Susan hears a cell door opening. The strange noises continue, and Paul feels gentle pressure pushing on his back. When they call on the presence to show itself, Paul gets a serious case of the chills.

Joe and Scott are in what's called the Escape Room, where a woman was pinned down and heard the phrase, "I could kill you if I wanted." They ask for the spirit of Rowland Edwards, who murdered his wife and children, to come forward. Immediately, lights on their tech equipment start to flash. They ask Rowland to confirm the contact, and he does.

Later, when Joe and Scott investigate Cell 24, they hear a noise, and see that it could've been a fire hose turning on the wall of its own accord. The lights on their devices start to blink. They ask for confirmation, and receive it, along with an EMF spike. Joe asks for the device to blink again when he counts to five, and it blinks just after he utters, "Five." He asks if there are more than six spirits in the room, and again their devices blink. Joe asks if the spirit want them to leave – again, the lights blink, and they must respect the request.

Kris and Barry have also had a chilling investigation – Kris continues to feel something touching her head, and they both hear eerie noises throughout. They see something odd in still photos taken of Cell 11, where the client has been locked in, and see movement and shadow play in the corridor.

The reveal is juicy – Kris and Barry first show Marion the footage of Scott and Joe's devices responding positively to questions, which chills Marion to the core. They also have audio clips of someone saying "Uh-huh" when Susan and Paul were in the infirmary, and of the moving fire hose, as well as photos of a shadow in Cell 11. Finally, they show Marion a clip from when Kris and Barry did a thermal sweep of the facility to confirm that there were no natural cold spots – a ball of heat or light moves clearly up the side of the frame. With so much evidence, they are able to confidently say that the facility is haunted. Though it's cold comfort to Marion, she is glad to know that her sense was not unfounded.

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