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The Man in the Iron Mask: Italy
Season 3 - Episode 308
The Man in the Iron Mask: Italy
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The Great Wall of the Alps! The Ghost Hunters International team looks for the mysteries behind a centuries old wall!

The team heads to the Fort of Fenestrelle in Turin, Italy. This massive fortress will require the team to climb 4,000 steps to reach the investigation site. There is a prison in which hundreds died, including a man who had been forced to hide his face behind an iron mask as punishment for his crimes. Locals believe this man is haunting the prison and fortress- and one witness claims to have seen the apparition of the man with burning red eyes! In the officer's prison, people speculate that the man with the iron mask was a relative— either an identical twin, illegitimate child or distant relative — to the king. As he was a threat to the crown, he was imprisoned and forced to cover his face. A resident walking his dog once saw the man with the iron mask, and his dog went crazy over it.

People hear voices in the prison, and have seen a shadow figure walking around the church.  In the banquet room people have seen glasses and tables rattling and moving. In the covered staircase where many people died, a visitor reports feeling an ice-cold hand touch her face. At the top of the fort people have heard screams, moaning and seen all kinds of shadows. 

The team has some great experiences during the investigation. In the chapel, Barry heard strange whispering in his ear. When he and Kris head downstairs, where a table shook, confirming Barry's belief that something paranormal is down there. Later, in the prison cells they hear voices and noises. 

Paul and Susan (who has recently been promoted to full-time case manager) climb to the upper fortress, which is SO creepy and Susan hears a strange grunt. They chase a strange black orb, and WHOA! Something threw a rock at Susan!! She is completely freaked out. While Paul is talking to the producers, he gets pulled from behind. Whatever is there clearly doesn't want them there, or it's having a lot of fun scaring the team. Both Paul and Susan have Goosebumps and chills, and you can't really blame them. And just when they thought he madness was over, something threw a stone at Susan's face! These are some malicious spirits!!!

Next, Barry and Kris try to provoke the spirits by blasting the French national anthem and raise the French flag while they watch movement through the DVR system. They catch some movement, so when Barry hears movement in the barracks he hears some footsteps running away! While investigating the officer's area, something touches Joe's hand.  Scott speaks out to the spirit and they hear voices responding. Susan and Paul visit the soldier's barracks, they hear so many sounds and whispers. In the fortress Barry and Kris hear growling and Barry is actually frightened. 

The evidence of paranormal activity is very interesting! But there's still no way to say if the spirit is, in fact, the man with the iron mask. More investigation is definitely in order!

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