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The Crystal Maiden: Belize & France
Season 3 - Episode 309
The Crystal Maiden: Belize & France
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Put your seatbacks up and tray in an upright position because this is going to be a bumpy ride!  On this intercontinental episode the team investigates a treacherous cave system in Belize encounters a sinister presence, and then a ghost in France creates a less-than-romantic encounter for women!

Starting off in San Ignacio, Belize the team investigates caves that the ancient Mayans believed were the first of nine layers to the underworld.  The caves were the sites of numerous human sacrifices, including that of the Crystal Maiden, whose bones have been there so long they have crystallized into the cave floor.  Claims at the cave, as reported by cave guide Emil Gamez, include chanting noises, balls of fiery light and spirits that pass through people's bodies. In the tomb-like area of the Crystal Maiden people feel strange energy, a sense of unwelcome and glowing lights around the Maiden.

This case will push the team to their limits, including driving through rivers; a 45-minute jungle hike and a swim through cave waters to the underworld site!

Immediately upon entering the cave the team hears voices and moaning. They go deeper and it turns to singing noises.  Susan announces herself, and freaks when she hears a voice whisper "Susan" in her ear!  What is this place?  The more the team progresses, the deeper the voices go into the cave where it would be too dangerous for them to follow. Is this the work of a sinister element leading them to their demise?! The team would quit before they found out!

Kris and Paul work on debunking claims in the cathedral area, where flashlight play might create the shadows that people are seeing. Near the stone of the Virgin Mary, Joe Chin and Scott get a big rise on the K2 meter whenever they speak of the Crystal Maiden.  Near the alter, Barry speaks of the Crystal Maiden and his camera is knocked over! 

Kris presents Emil with research that crystals under pressure from the earth can illuminate!  But the team had enough evidence to validate some of the claims and justify the pain and strain the crew endured on this extreme investigation!

Off to a 14th century mansion in Queaux, France where a ghost named Alice is haunting the women visitors to the home.  She died in the 1920's of a kidney infection and now it seems that any woman who stays in Alice's room gets the same infection! Even the homeowner's daughter ends up in the hospital.  How creepy!  Full body apparitions, voices, touching, violent noises and shadows add to the mystery.

Kris and Barry chase a shadow in the dining room, while Scott and Joe hear a deep voice in the basement.  It was vocal and loud!  Susan and Paul take on Alice's bedroom and Susan hears a whimper right away. Susan lies down in Alice's bedroom and Paul snaps photos in the hallway.  Let's hope the footage presents some evidence!

The audio footage from the basement creeps everyone out, as a voice seems to be saying, "no".  Then Susan points out a voice apparently responding to Barry in the basement saying a very clear, "no"!

At the end of the day, the team didn't reach Alice, which was good news for the client! 

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