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Sacrificed Mayan Spirits: Belize
Season 3 - Episode 310
Sacrificed Mayan Spirits: Belize
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The team heads to Central America, to investigate Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins where ancient rituals included violent blood letting and human sacrifice! At this temple people often see a woman in white floating around. Also people have seen large shadows holding swords, tribal chanting can be heard as well human possessions!

Pedro, a local resident who called in the team, is frightened. He often visits the ruins and thinks the ghosts are following him home. Once he had a lady friend over and she suddenly became possessed, speaking in an ancient Mayan language, screaming and crying! He wants to know if the activity is attached to him or the temple and if he can get the spirits to leave him alone. Because of his attachment to the activity, Pedro will be joining the investigation. 

Near the scene of the bloodletting ritual, the team is confronted by heavy footsteps and shadows even as they are setting up the cameras. They plan to recreate the bloodletting ritual to see if they can recreate Pedro's experience and hopefully stir up some spirits. They need a volunteer…and no one is interested but Susan.  Brave girl- she's not going to let the opportunity to share something with an ancient spirit pass her by!

Pedro cuts her as the recorders are rolling across the site. Right as the blood starts coming out of Susan's arm, Paul starts hearing this voice calling him from 3 or 4 places. Kris is freaked out. Susan has an overwhelming sense of serenity during the ritual. Joe Chin and Kris also hear growling sounds and voices outside, and Paul heard it too from the other side of the ruins! From high in the ritual chamber the crew hears footsteps and noises. This is one freaky night!

Then Joe gets touched! Fingers ran down his ribs, when he wasn't near anything that could brush up against him. Paul sees shadow figures moving and then Scott feels something burning or scratching him around the neck. Everyone had a personal experience during the ritual.

Now they begin the straightforward investigation. In Plaza A Barry and Kris see movement and hear voices. Joe and Scott take a turn in Plaza A and try to antagonize the ghost and their lights start flashing on and off- and Joe swears he sees an old woman's face. It's freaking Joe out!

Paul conducts and EVP session with Pedro, and Pedro calls out the spirit using a clapping ritual. They all get a strange sensation and feel goose bumps and electrical surges on their skin! Pedro calls to the spirit with a bird-noise and they hear footsteps running towards them. Recorded evidence presented a voice from the other side saying "Pedro's not here"!  This is scary, but enjoyable!

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