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Ghoul's School: American Samoa
Season 3 - Episode 311
Ghoul's School: American Samoa
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Tonight GHI travels to an abandoned girl's school in American Samoa.  The owners want to rebuild, but are the tribal spirits haunting the site opposed?

The team is roughing it on this small island where there are no rental cars available! They have to take a bus- a purple bus- to The Atauloma Girls School. Hurricanes, tsunamis and the jungle, so indoor investigations are actually outdoors, have overtaken the school! Here, legend holds that a mango tree on the property captured the spirit of an ancient Samoan king, and he now takes possession of people's bodies. If a girl sits under the mango tree or eats it fruit, she will become possessed and many times the girl has died.

Locals say the spirits on the land are evil: people report hearing strange and disturbing noises; a man was touched and pushed and a handprint was found on his arm.  People have seen the spirit of a Fijian woman doing voodoo and dancing with flames. In the jungle, reports are of red faces and eyes peering out. 

The team is warned not to wear read, as it will disturb the spirits, and not to wear hibiscus flowers in their ears. 

Kris and Barry seek out the Fijian woman, and Kris sees shadows moving out of the corridor and through the room.  In the jungle, Joe Chin sees a set of glowing eyes, but there were no animals around! 

Susan taunts the spirits by wearing a hibiscus flower and sits beneath the cursed mango tree, and something touches her knee! Needless to say, she is freaked out!  She and Paul see shadows and the remote camera starts snapping photos on its own. They hear moaning and they see a figure. Then something pokes Susan in the posterior. Crazy things are happening in the jungle!

At the graveyard, the burial site of the girls that were possessed, Kris and Barry see something moving around in the woods and see a white figure. They also hear a growl.  The crickets get really loud and then Barry says, "Make it stop!" and the crickets stop.  Then they hear a crazy growl.  Kris says to the king spirit: "If Crickets are the best you can do, that's pretty lame".  It immediately downpours!  Coincidence? Hmmm. We think not.

Later on, Paul hears his name being whispered in the jungle. He later tries to provoke the spirits by attacking a bamboo tree with a machete. Perhaps the cameras caught a spirit responding. While at the mango tree Joe and Scott see a black shadow pass right in front of them. Then Scott has a cold flash and feels some sort of electric shock! 

The evidence captures recorded voices speaking over the team, and a camera caught some inexplicable flash of light in the jungle. At the mango tree, a green light appears in a camera recording that looks like a face peeking out.  Kris did some research, and it turns out mangos are from the same tree family as poison ivy and oak. People who touch it could feel paralysis in their face.

There are signs of paranormal, but it's not enough for the Ghost Hunters International to call it haunted. So, there's no reason not to restore the school!

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