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The Rise of Frankenstein: Belgium & Italy
Season 3 - Episode 312
The Rise of Frankenstein: Belgium & Italy
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Tonight, the Ghost Hunters International team heads to Belgium seeking the ghost of a fallen World War 1 soldier. Later, they head to Frankenstein's birthplace in Italy!

First, the Fortress of Antwerps. The Germans during World War I, and it's estimated there are an estimated 75 bodies that are still buried beneath the rubble. Annick Leontine Bogaert called the team because her great-grandfather perished in the fortress and his body was never recovered. She wants to know if he's at peace or if his soul is in turmoil.

Stories of paranormal include full-bodied apparitions, black shadows that approach people and people getting pushed. The Right Caponiere is where Leontine believes her great-grandfather Alfonse was lost in the rubble. People have seen figures in this area, one had a World World I and the other World War II. One visitor heard a voice speaking to him directly, saying, "Leave that!"

Kris and Barry start in the Right Caponiere, where they hear voices and knocking. They see a light illuminating from inside the room. In the Hangar, Paul and Susan get immediate responses when they ask about Alfonse. Something pulls really hard on Susan's flashlight!

Joe Chin and Scott are outside and Joe Chin is suddenly overtaken by a feeling of sadness. He starts crying…and can't stop! It's so unusual and unexpected- what caused this? Later, Susan and Paul try the Caponiere and encounter a black mass and chase it, but lose it outside. Joe recovers emotionally, so he and Scott take a turn in the Caponiere and Scott sees a green flash of light. Then they see it again! 

In a canoe, in the moat, Barry and Kris try to reach Alfonse. Instead they nearly flip the canoe and land in the water! Ok, that's enough investigating for one night.

Barry and Kris reveal the evidence to Leontine. Turns out that Scott's camera caught the green light! But if Alfonse didn't responding to the calls from the Ghost Hunters that must mean his spirit is at rest. What a relief for Leontine!

Next up, the team heads to Villa di Corliano in Pisa, Italy built in the 16th century and owned by the same family for generations. In the catacombs the owners believe that this is where author Mary Shelley did electrical experiments on cadavers, which led to the creation of her famous character Frankenstein. Is this responsible for the claims of paranormal activity, or could it be the spirit of Augustino Augustine's great-grandmother Teresa Scolastica who died there in 1816?

Here are the claims: In the main entrance, someone heard a large chandelier crash to the ground. When he ran to see what happened, the chandeliers were in place but one was broken! Upstairs, people hear a female voice, could it be Teresa? In the catacombs, many are curious about the closed off passages- could they connect to the underground tunnels in the garden and why were they sealed?

Inspecting the kitchen and wine area, Joe is startled by a knocking sound. Steve wanders a bit to the laundry room and FREAKS when he spies a full-bodied apparition all in white! He is so worked up!! Barry and Kris run to see the action, and something rubs Barry's ear. 

Barry and Kris see dark shadows and hear footsteps in the ballroom. Paul, Joe and Steve try to break through the tunnels in the catacombs while Barry, Susan and Kris climb into caves that they suspect connect to the catacombs. No such luck and no bodies!

Great evidence, great investigation!

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