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Whispers From Beyond
Season 1 - Episode 103
Whispers From Beyond
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Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

The GHI team arrives at the Ragged School, formerly an orphanage and currently abandoned. The structure shares a basement connection with a shop called Camera Obscura, whose employees no longer venture into the basement because of all their experiences.

Alastair Hutchison, a Camera Obscura employee, leads the team through the facility to point out where peculiar sights and sound have been reported.

That evening, the team begins the investigation. Donna LaCroix and Shannon Sylvia search the attic. While there, they try to coax a response for the EVP; in the process, they find a cool spot, and Donna sees a shadow accompanied by a sound.

Robb Demarest and Andy Andrews investigate the first floor. Brian Harnois contacts them about a shadow he has seen. They arrive at the command station to see that Brian is spooked, but they grow annoyed when they realize that their tech specialist didn't make an effort to record the encounter.

In the basement, Robb and Barry FitzGerald spot a flash on an interior-room wall, but they find no explanation for it. Later, Barry and Brian spot a shadow on their digital recorder, but Barry rules it out, saying it was not paranormal in origin.

Shannon and Andy find a cold spot in the attic, but Andy determines that the cause is an open flue and old, drafty windows. However, when they sit in opposite corners, in total darkness and silence, Andy hears a footstep turning in the dust. Upon hearing a second noise, he leaps up and follows it. He reports that the temperature drops rapidly, a common sign of a paranormal manifestation.

Given the volume of material, all six members of the team sit together to review the data. Sounds are heard in Camera Obscura. Andy is convinced that he hears a voice saying, "Get out of here." Brian spots a shadow of a face in one bedroom; other shots of the same room show nothing on the wall in that location.

Andy and Robb sit with Alastair and discuss their findings, including the thermal changes and odd sounds. They also play the audio clips, and Alastair confirms hearing "Get out of here." When Donna asks the spirit, whom the employees nicknamed George, if he had a different name, the EVP picked up the reply, "Yes."

The biggest surprise is when they show Alastair the shadowy face and then two black and white pictures, which Donna retrieved from Bella — the last woman to actually live in that room, decades earlier. Alastair says that one of the two men resembles the face in the new picture, and Andy reveals that the man he picked died in that very room.

Robb concludes that the Ragged School is most definitely haunted.

Location: Leicester, England

Lee Gilbert, hall director, shows the team around the 1709 house, which is now a museum and gardens. Sightings and sounds have been accompanied by visitors feeling tugged or touched. In 1998, the hall achieved notoriety when two spectral images were caught on its security cameras.

Andy and Robb hear a whistle as they enter the master bedroom, only to realize the sound was caused by a creaking floorboard.

In the dining room, Donna and Shannon record EVP and digital video footage. Donna sees something and quickly snaps a flash shot.

On the first-floor landing, Barry and Brian use an ultraviolet light to try and force the apparition to travel upstairs, and to see if they can document a reaction. Brian feels something atop the stairs, and he is pleased that they seem to have captured the apparition's attention.

Andy dons a "shell suit" made of a reflective material that was common in 1998, and, as he expects, he matches the spectral image on the screen.

Shannon, Brian and Barry review all the recordings and are impressed by a red-brown hazy image Donna captured with her camera. They also match an audio recording of Donna asking the apparition, "Are you here?" and the EVP reply, "Yes."

Robb and Andy review the findings with Lee, who is impressed by the debunking of the video images. He is taken with the audio-video work Donna performed, and is even more intrigued when they play a clip of Brian following a shadow into a maid's room. They all clearly heard a"shhhh" on the recording, a typical response for a maid who might be looking after a baby.

Finally, Lee sees the two flashes of light caught on tape and calls them "amazing." Robb and Andy are very comfortable declaring that Belgrave Hall is haunted.

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