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Devil Dog
Season 1 - Episode 109
Devil Dog
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Location: Wellington, New Zealand

It's so embarrassing when a fading entertainer refuses to leave the stage, but sometimes it can be down right frightening. The GHI gang spend a night in Wellington, New Zealand's St. James Theatre and Opera House to see if they can flush out some of the ghosts that supposedly occupy the site.

The theater is rumored to sit on a graveyard and be home to many tragic deaths, St. James is a hotbed of paranormal performances. Yuri, the benevolent stagehand who plummeted to his death, watches over the stage, while the boys' choir whose final performance was at St. James makes mischief in the stands. Causing the most trouble is the less than pleasant former lead actress who died a tragic death in the downstairs dressing room and continues to seek vengeance on every leading lady that graces the stage.

Then, the team travels to the Woodchester Mansion in Woodchester Park, England. The mansion is still under construction, but the ghosts that occupy the deserted space are fully realized. Allegedly haunted by a host of paranormal personas ranging from a Victorian gentleman, an American soldier and a young woman, the mansion is teeming with supernatural activity.

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