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Hauntings of South Africa
Season 1 - Episode 112
Hauntings of South Africa
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Location: Nottingham Road Hotel & Cape Town Castle (South Africa)
The team explores South Africa, and finds out about a prostitute named Charlotte who never properly checked out of the Nottingham Road Hotel in KwaZulu-Natal. Charlotte threw herself from a window, and has been a hotel guest for over 200 years.

The team moves on to Nightmare Cave, the gravesite of an African civil war soldier. It's covered in graphic murals, and houses visible human remains and a ghost, quite possibly that of the deceased occupant's spirit. Nightmare Cave evokes anger and resentment in anyone who crosses through its stone expanses.

While the use for Cape Town Castle in Cape Town has changed over time, the castle is teeming with ghostly reminders of its varied and gruesome past. The ghosts of prisoners scream from the depths of the dungeon, while a soldier who hung himself in the bell tower 200 hundred years ago still rings the castle bell.

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