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Tortured Souls
Season 1 - Episode 113
Tortured Souls
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Location: Predjama Castle and Bathory Ruins (Slovenia)

The team's the first ever to investigate the Predjama Castle, an ominous Slovenian national monument. Once a refuge site for the Luegg family, the castle is now home to a museum.

Employees lock up long before dusk to avoid encountering the spirit of Robin Hood-like Erasmus, who is still trying to keep the castle stocked with food and supplies. Nobody has spent the night at Predjama for over 20 years, but that won't stop the team from confronting the keeper of this castle.

The team then travels to another castle with a far more gruesome pedigree.

The Bathory Ruins at Cachtice Castle in Slovenia, are home to the final resting place of prolific and infamous serial killer Elizabeth Bathory. Known as the Bloody Countess, Bathory terrorized, tortured and killed over 600 young women, using her royal connections to escape persecution. Bathory passed away in the castle in 1614, but visitors, particularly women, still feel her presence today.

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