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Haunted Home of Priests
Season 1 - Episode 118
Haunted Home of Priests
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Location: Borgvattnet, Sweden

Investigator Joe Chin joins the team as they set out to examine one of the most notoriously haunted Inns of Sweden. The location was formerly a vicarage in 1876 and is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a chaplain's wife who was buried on the grounds of the property. Visitors of the inn have reported hearing strange noises, seeing objects move and glimpsing frightening apparitions of women walking along the grounds.

A rocking chair in the dining room has been known to move from one area to the next by itself. This startling revelation led Dustin and Angela to begin their research there by setting up the thermal imaging camera and the full spectrum camera to record any paranormal activity. And while neither investigator witnessed the chair moving, they did hear what sounded like a woman's voice outside of the room. Later on at headquarters, when doing their final analyses, they would find that the wireless mic set up in the house did in fact pick up a woman's voice speaking in Swedish.

Meanwhile, Barry, Brandy and Joe took a more aggressive approach towards the paranormals of the inn. Barry began to dig into the earth with a shovel, while speaking to the paranormal urging it to make an appearance of some sort in order for him to stop digging into the ground. His strategy paid off, as all three investigators heard and felt thumping sounds along the outside grounds and on the floor in the house.

Then, after moving from the dining room, Dustin and Angela conducted an EVP session in the Yellow Room, in which the chaplain's wife died during childbirth. While in the room, Angela and Dustin both felt the bed vibrating — an unlikely occurrence that neither of them expected. Barry was also able to pick up the dark-shadowy image of a cross in the corner of this room by using the full spectrum camera.

In total, though all the investigators had memorable personal experiences at the location, Robb concluded that they were not able to deem the space as haunted, due to the lack of contextual evidence.

Location: Varberg, Sweden

After investigating the vicarage turned-inn, the team headed over to Varberg, Sweden, where they investigated the paranormal events surrounding the 800-year-old fortress of Varberg. The fortress was originally built in 1618 and was then used as a prison, and now currently serves as a museum. Many prisoners were condemned for life and buried on the grounds of the fortress and their spirits are said to still roam the space.

Visitors of the fortress have said that they've experienced feelings of both anxiety and anguish when crossing the archway outside the dungeon. And guests that have walked by the wall surrounding the cemetery have felt like invisible objects were hitting them. Apparitions such as a headless knight have also been seen roaming through the fortress.

In the museum, the most jarring image is the visible display of the Bocksten Man which features the boxed skeletal remains of a man who was at one time a prisoner of the fortress. And in an effort to keep his spirit from coming back to haunt the space, his murderer drove a wooden stake through his heart — which still remains as a piece of the exhibit today.

Having this disturbing information - Brandy and Angela decided to begin their investigation in the same room as the Bocksten Man, in hopes of finding strong evidence. A museum worker, allegedly heard her name called while in the room of the skeleton, yet Angela and Brandy were able to discover that the lack of insulation in the walls was the culprit of this occurrence. They deemed that the worker may have easily been mistaken and that the voice she thought she heard was nothing more than other visitors of the museum talking.

In the end, the team found that most of the paranormal activity that's taken place in the fortress/museum may be nothing more than fluke occurrences — and therefore they concluded that the fortress was not haunted.

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