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Spanish Scares
Season 1 - Episode 121
Spanish Scares
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Location: Madrid, Spain

The team set out to investigate the Castillo Coracera in Madrid, Spain, which was constructed in the 14th century and is allegedly cursed. A Spanish admiral bought the castle in the 1920s and when his two brothers died in a plane crash he was said to have buried them in the walls. Since that time, people on the premises have made reports that they heard loud screams coming from that same area of the castle. Another eerie legend is based on the 1980s death of the last owner who was a member of the Occult. To date, it is still unknown as to whether or not he killed himself or was murdered.

To begin the investigation, the team split up into two groups  each having a chance to investigate the alleged haunted living room where the owner was found dead in the 80s. First, Barry, Dustin and Robb began by doing a thermal sweep of the area, which proved to be futile, so they then changed their method of investigation and to conduct an EVP session. In order to get a response from the spirit they provoked it by accusing it of being a coward and saying that its death would be in vain if it didn't speak up while the team was there. Hoping to get more results, Brandy, Joe and Angela next began their EVP session in the same area as the other hunters, by asking similar questions to agitate the spirit in hopes of garnering a response.

During the last part of the investigation Barry, Dustin and Robb conducted an EVP session near the walls that the brothers were buried in. And after a few minutes of questioning they thought they heard something that sounded like a voice, so they recorded this information to debunk later at the Central Command Center. The two investigators then moved on to the battlements where someone allegedly saw the spirit of a soldier walking. Barry took full spectrum shots of the area to decipher if this sighting was plausible.

After careful analysis of all the evidence they collected, the team was able to find a credible reason for each of their mysterious encounters. The wireless microphone that was set up near the chapel of the castle was able to reveal that the sounds they heard on the tin roof were raindrops. Next, the full-spectrum camera found that the flashes of light, spectators reported seeing in the sky and assumed were glints of masonry being lifted above them, was actually a reflection of the moon coming through the clouds. And lastly, the 360-degree microphone was able to show that the alleged screams heard near the wall where the brothers were buried, were actually the neighs of a nearby horse.

Due to the many environmental noise influences that were occurring in and around the castle during the time of the investigation, the team ruled that the location was not haunted.

Location: Celra, Spain

The team's next investigation took place at the Castel D'escales, which is a Medieval Castle that scholars believe was once used as a hideout for refugees who fled during the genocide of the Knights Templar. It currently operates in the summer as a bed and breakfast and no person who has stayed there has ever left without a story of an eerie encounter.

One resident recalls screwing in light bulbs in the kitchen and then finding them unscrewed just days later. The caretaker of the castle also had a strange encounter in the kitchen when she woke up one night to find every area of the room extremely hot with the exception of one space near the kitchen door, which was ice cold.

Then the sink's cold-water tap in one of the bathrooms mysteriously came on by itself  an unexplainable occurrence that bewildered the residents. Adding to the lists of paranormal stories, one of the castle's owners recalls feeling the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and then seeing something flee from the corner of the room that he was sitting in. And his wife remembers hearing footsteps and voices outside of their bedroom while they were asleep.

To find out whether or not there is any validity behind the claims, the crew enlisted the expertise of ghost hunters Jason and Grant to debunk the occurrence with the sink. According to Jason and Grant the pressure behind faulty stops or faulty seals on the faucets could have been what caused the sink's water to spew out.

Later on, while conducting an EVP session in the tower area of the castle Joe and Angela both thought they heard heavy breathing in the room that was not their own. Then twice Joe claimed to have seen a shadow in the tower stairway. In the kitchen area, Robb and Dustin used thermal imaging to find out whether or not they could find some reasoning for the extreme shifts in temperature in that room. There findings here would later prove to be crucial to their final decision about the castle being haunted.

After finishing the investigation and carefully analyzing the evidence, the team decided that the castle was not haunted. They used a vibration monitor to determine that the light bulbs were coming unscrewed as a result of people walking on the ceiling above where the lights are. And by using the recorders, the team was able to find that the alleged footsteps and voices that the owners heard outside of the room were actually the water pipes making knocking noises throughout the walls and floorboards. They were also able to conclude that the mysterious sink encounter was a result of faulty pieces, just as Jason and Grant had assumed. And the temperature in one area of the kitchen was in fact six degrees colder than in the other area of the room, which explained why the caretaker noted such a stark difference in the levels of heat in the room.

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