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Skeleton in the Closet
Season 2 - Episode 202
Skeleton in the Closet
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Location: Bohemia, Czech Republic

This week, the GHI team conducts a pair of investigations. The first takes them to the Czech Republic, where a sprawling castle known as Cesky Krumlov has been the setting for numerous reports of supernatural phenomena. Constructed in the 13th century, the castle spans five courtyards, 43 buildings and 15 acres of land, making it one of the largest locations ever investigated by GHI. On the drive to Cesky Krumlov, we're also informed that it's Brandy's 25th birthday. Happy birthday, Brandy!

On arrival, the team is introduced to Hanna McGee, who will be their guide. Hanna talks a bit about the history of the location, including a theater in which an actress committed suicide, and a depository closet housing the bones of what's said to be Saint Reparata. Also highlighted are a summer house where the ghost of a baroness is said to come out any time there's a party, and the castle tower, where eyewitnesses have reported dark shapes.

The equipment is set, and the investigation begins. Robb and Ashley check the theater, but the occasional creak from the stage bears no conclusive fruit. Brandy and Joe also strike out in the depository. Brandy and Dustin detect a human-shaped outline on thermal imaging in the wine cellar, but it turns out to be due to a hanging light. Things get a bit more interesting in the tower, where Joe and Robb hear voices that can't be traced to any source. Finally, Barry contacts Dustin and Brandy and asks them to come to the summer house for a very serious investigation.

Turns out what they're investigating is a birthday cake for Brandy - both a celebration, and an effort to get the ghost of the baroness to come out for the party. Unfortunately, no new experiences are had, and when the team retires to analyze its evidence, very little conclusive proof of paranormal activity is found. Robb and Dustin go over the collected evidence with Hanna, and conclude that there may be some strange activity at the castle, but not enough to make a conclusive declaration that it's haunted.


Location: Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland

Next, the GHI team moves on to Rathlin Island, off the coast of Northern Ireland. The target for the investigation is the island's Manor House, where caretaker Ksenia Zywczuk relates several stories of paranormal activity, including an exorcism that was performed in the house's Bedroom 6. We also hear from a witness who claims to have seen shapes moving around the back door of the dining room.

The investigation gets underway with Dustin and Barry conducing an EVP session in Bedroom 6. Shortly thereafter, Dustin and Robb conduct an experiment to see whether the witness who saw someone moving outside the dining room would have had time to catch an actual person who was moving about the area. Their conclusion is that it would have been very possible for someone to escape detection, which lends some doubt to the possible paranormal nature of that particular instance.

Finally, Ashley and Robb conduct an EVP investigation in Room 1, where a guest reported seeing the shape of a woman. Ashley thinks she hears something, and Robb breaks out the audio amplifying headphones to see if they can better capture it. The real interesting event, however, occurs when Robb suddenly finds himself unable to focus his camera.

But that's why Barry's here - during the evidence analysis, he concludes that an unexpected lens flare affected the camera's auto-focus, causing Robb's problem. Barry does confirm the sound Ashley heard in the audio amplifying headphones, but on further scrutiny, it turns out to be a natural source. Dustin and Robb relate the news to a disappointed Ksenia that, while the team did have some particular experiences at the Manor, there wasn't enough evidence to declare it haunted.

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